Friday, October 3, 2014

Week 1: MTC

Here is Sister Allen's first email from the MTC: (her mom is just a little excited that she emailed already!! Yay!! :)

Mom!!!(: Okay please just share this letter with the whole family because I don't have time to write individually today. I love you all and miss you, but I'm not feeling homesick at all and I am thankful for that because I was kind of worried that first day. Just so you guys know, Dear Elder is a GREAT way to contact me. We get the letters hand delivered every day by our District Leader. We are only allowed to write back on P Day though, which is every Friday here at the MTC. I haven't gotten the package yet, I should be getting it tonight though because our District Leader was chosen yesterday so I'll let you know next week what I think about the shirt(: Oh my goodness, there is so much to write and so little time to cover it all. I'll just start with the basics.
My room is great. The sheets are clean and I'm using my own pillow case. I'm in a room with four girls. My companion, SIster Waters, is an angel with a cute North Carolina accent. She is so sweet and SO in tune with the Spirit. Things really flow when we teach together. We have differences, obviously, but we love each other regardless and we are working so well together. Then we have two other Sisters that live with us. Sister Jensen and Sister Williams. They are so awesome. I seriously love my room and am so thankful for the girls I live with.
Our district has two sets of Elders and then us four Sisters. The Elders are soooo thoughtful and just genuinely good men. They have such strong testimonies and value the Priesthood that they hold. It is crazy the difference I see in them compared to some of the men back home. They have this aura about them that just makes you feel safe. Elder Hunt is the District Leader and he is awesome, so spiritual and so kind. 
Then comes our zone. We are the only four Sisters in a zone of 6 sets of Elders. They are all so wonderful and so funny. There is an Elder here who literally can make anyone laugh (including our intimidating but super cool Branch President). There is also an Elder named Elder Teske. He has a really great knowledge of our purpose and the gospel in itself. He's a really good example of the kind of missionary I want to be.
The only two people in my zone that are going to FoCo are me and Sis. Waters! I think there's more Elders/Sisters going to Colorado, but I'm not sure if any of them are in our immediate area.
Okay the food here is awesome. They have a special room specifically for people with food allergies/intolerance and guess what was for lunch....corn pasta with red sauce and peas(: Talk about some divine intervention hahaha. No but seriously there is so many options and SO MUCH fresh fruit. I have eaten the equivalent of at least 10 honeydew melons since I've been here and I'm not even ashamed to admit it haha. So no worries Mom, I'm not going to starve.
Exercise time was good yesterday! I ran the track for a bit and did some strength training. Today I might play some volleyball with my zone or some four square haha. I might save the super rigorous exercise until I get into the field and can do it in the morning...gym is right before lunch every day here and I hate having to shower twice/apply makeup/deal with hair/get dressed in less than 30 minutes. There are a bunch of Elders who play basketball and I wish I could play with them but we're not allowed to. Oh well!(:
Okay you guys, seriously, I think I met someone who was my best friend up in Heaven haha. Her name is Sister Lapoint. She is my Sister Training Leader, and from the first day, I just sort of new that she was someone I could count on. She has been so loving and supportive to all of us, but especially to me. We have had a really similar experience with the Atonement and we have really similar personalities. Last night during down time (9:25 to 10) we spent the entire time talking about life and about the struggles of sometimes feeling like you're not good enough or worthy enough to be here. I know that sounds funny but it is something I was struggling with the second day. Almost all the girls that I've talked to have been really active/planned on a mission their whole lives. It's awesome and I've learned a lot from their knowledge of this gospel, but it's hard to not feel inadequate in comparison. I know I'm worthy and have made everything right, Satan just uses the things I'm already insecure about against me. I didn't tell anyone I was feeling that way, but word for word last night Sister Lapoint expressed to me that that was how she felt when she first came here. I wanted to scream and hug her (and I did). I was so thankful I found somebody who gets what that feels like. I'm really praying that I will be able to keep those thoughts out of my head and hoping that Conference will provide me with some peace of mind.
Today has been AWESOME. Oh my goodness that Spirit was so strong. So first of all, last night we met our Branch President and his Counselors. We had a zone testimony meeting and when it was my turn (I was very last) I bore my testimony, and I felt so good and so sure of what I was saying. I know that it was the Spirit helping me, otherwise I probably would have stood there and cried. Then today we had class for 3 1/2 hours and I'm not joking it felt like five minutes. We were so immersed in the gospel study and companionship teaching, the time flew by. We had a great experience when teaching. Sis. Waters got the impression to share an analogy about God's blessings with our "investigator", and it was totally the Spirit prompting her and it was so amazing and cool. We had planned something totally different but she followed what God was telling her to say and it was WAY better. I'm thankful for a companion who follows those feelings. Everyone in the room was like woah, Revelation hahah. I started crying today when we were reading in 2 Nephi 31!!!! That's so crazy that you told me to read there. Just all the promises and blessing and love from God, and all we have to do is repent and come unto Him. We are so blessed to have that knowledge and that opportunity. I'm just so thankful. One of my teachers, Brother Blair, said something the first day that I thought was amazing. "You give people the opportunity to live life the way it is meant to be lived,". I needed to hear that. We have such a huge responsibility, and we need to take it seriously and know that GOD TRUSTS US. He trusts us to bring His children back to Him. He knows that we can do it and we need to believe that we can too. I am starting to feel my confidence "wax strong in the presence of God". The Spirit is so natural here, it's always around, sometimes it's hard to really feel it. Today, I really felt it. And I'm so happy about that(: 
Sister Lapoint gave me the sweetest note today. It was basically telling me she loved me and that I deserve to be here because I am good enough. It was an answer to my prayers(:
Anyways, I haven't seen Melinda!! I've been soooo busy. Our schedules are seriously ridiculous in the best way haha. So, as far as CO stuff, that all sounds great(: you're the best. Do you think you could send me some all natural Melatonin? I have been having so much trouble sleeping, just cause my brain won't shut off haha. I was awake at 2 last night thinking about what I wanted to teach Sam on Monday (investigator). It's just crazy how much you think and care about people here. I love all the people I've met. 
So all in all, an amazing time so far at the MTC. Exhausting, spiritually intense, tiring, but absolutely amazing(:
I love you all so much. I miss you dearly but I can't imagine being anywhere else. 
I'll email you next week and try and send pictures either next week or the week after!
Be good, be happy, and thank God for everything you have. He's the reason. 

Love, Sister Allen