Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 2: So many blessings!!

Wow, can you believe my time at the MTC is almost up??? Because I can't! It's so crazy to me that I leave on Wednesday for Fort Collins. I'm so excited but I know it's going to be hard leaving all the people I have grown to love here. It was so sweet, last night, one of the Elder's in my district was saying the closing prayer and he was like "Please help us to continue to grow together as a family". I started crying!! I know that these friendships are the kind that will last far beyond our stay here at the MTC(: 
This last week has been soooo busy and I seriously think I now understand what people mean when they say they are spiritually exhausted. It is so awesome though. And Conference was such a motivating and empowering start to all of the lessons we were teaching/learning. Especially Elder Bednar's talk. I love that he just says things how they are and then it's our choice to accept it or not. The other Sister's and I were joking that lots of the Apostles were really sassy this time around haha. It was amazing though and I went into it with a lot of questions and received some very spiritual answers. I hope you all were able to experience that too!
Something I have learned here is that when we aren't able to receive personal revelation, it's not because the Lord isn't wanting to give us those answers and blessings, it's because we aren't prepared or in the right mindset to receive them. When I came here, I didn't consider myself to be a selfish person, but something I have learned while I'm out here is how to be a selfless person. I was praying to know how to be the kind of missionary God needs me to be, and my answer came on Sunday night at a Devotional. Since then, I have been striving to think less about how "I" can be better, and focus more on who needs help, who needs service, who needs love (and how they need to be shown that love in order to come closer to Christ). Through focusing on others (because I genuinely love them, not for my own personal gain), I will grow and become a more Christ-like person. The MTC really is so important. I've changed more in this past week than I ever thought was possible. It's amazing.
My companion, Sis. Waters, got a really bad cold yesterday. We were in an 8 hour pre-mission field training course, and she felt miserable. And then right after that, we had to go teach one of our investigators, Devan. Devan is Baptist and we had visited her two times before last night. She's really sweet and she loves us and we always get along when talking about the "fluffy" (not Gospel) stuff, but as soon as we start teaching she would get very defensive. It was so hard. We left each time feeling very frustrated. Last night was different. Sis. Waters and I were getting ready to go in and teach and we did our routine of praying before knocking and we just prayed that we would be able to love Devan the way that God loves her and that we would be able to show that love to her through the message we were going to share. 
WE HAD A BREAKTHROUGH. I felt like a choir of angels were singing Hallelujah's as her countenance changed. We went in and taught the Restoration and testified boldly that we know that this is the one true way back to our Heavenly Father. She promised to pray about our message and we're meeting with her again tonight. After we left, we said our thank you prayer (that's another habit we've developed) and just kept looking at each other like, did that really just happen? It was awesome. 
So basically it was the best and Sis. Waters is feeling so much better today (blessings are for real you guys). Today for our P-day we got to go to the temple. It was such an amazing experience and the Celestial Room was so beautiful. I thought of my whole family when I was in there. I'm so excited to spend eternity in God's presence with the people I love. Later today, we are going to have a Zone volleyball tournament and it's going to be pretty exciting. I love my Zone and District so much!! We have so much fun together. There is an Elder in my Zone named Elder Waite. He is hands down one of the funniest people I have ever met. He reminds me of Jacob a little bit. He makes this place feel a little bit more like home and can always make me and anyone else laugh after we've been having a rough day. 
I got some amazing packages from my family and from the Kirkham's this week. Thank you all for your letters, packages, and emails. I will try and respond as often as I can, but just in case I don't have time, just know that I love you all so very much and you are so wonderful for thinking of me. 
I am so thankful that I am here. I miss my family and everyone a lot but I know this is where I'm meant to be. I love the people we are teaching and I love my teachers. They are inspired individuals and they have helped me learn things about myself that I never would have thought were possible. I feel so spiritually confident now, thanks to the feedback and help that they provide, and the love and guidance that my Heavenly Father shows me each day. I had a spiritual breakthrough the other day in class when we were practice teaching. Sometimes I'm afraid to say things that the Spirit is prompting me to say because I'm scared I won't make sense or I might say it wrong. I was able to overcome that fear this week and really let the Spirit guide my speech. It felt so great! Don't be scared to follow those promptings. God gives them to us for a reason, and we can be missing out on amazing opportunity when we disregard them.
I know this Gospel is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this work alone can change millions of lives in such a positive way and I can't wait to share all of this with the people in FoCo. It's going to be the greatest experience of my life, this last week and a half has shown me that. 
I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Love, Sister Allen