Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 8: "Change is Hard. But Good."

Well, it's official, I will be having my very first transfer tomorrow! I can honestly say that I am sad about it, but I know that the Lord is doing this for my growth and I just need to trust in Him. I will be going to Longmont and my companion Sis. Metzger is going to be an STL in Greeley! I'm so excited for her but will miss her terribly, so it's a bittersweet thing for sure.
                             *This is Sister Metzger and I and our friend Bryan Burke (banana ice cream guy) 

- This week was great. Honestly, I feel like I learned so much and I'm really thankful for that. Last Monday, we had the opportunity to go and help a girl named Ash in our ward. She has endometriosis, and she had just gotten out of the E.R. She is honestly one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, inside and out. We went over and helped her get her apartment clean and organized and then we went and helped her get groceries/make her dinner. She gets faint and dizzy really easily, and she has a cute little dog named Pippin (yes, like Lord of the Rings!!) that is in training to be her help dog. Anyways, I hadn't really gotten to know her very well because her endo makes it hard for her to make it to church. We got to spend a few hours with her that day and she totally inspired me. She is so positive! Even though she doesn't feel good most of the time, she is just so happy and nice. I haven't been feeling the greatest the last couple of weeks, and I think I was letting it get me down a little bit. Seeing her example just really made me step back and consider my attitude and the changes I needed to make. I was so glad I got to spend that time with her, and even though she probably didn't even realize it, her outlook really helped me change mine(:
                                                                  *Me, Ash, Pippin :) and Sister Metzger

- On Tuesday, we got to do time. I love getting to watch the different messages and videos, they are really so inspiring! Something that I really loved that was in one of the videos was that "What we share reflects who we are,". It is so very true. I know that the Lord has been blessing me a lot lately with helping me be more bold and courageous in inviting people to come unto Christ. I was able to meet my goal of handing out two copies of the Book of Mormon each day last week (we actually ran out of copies haha). And then I started handing out pamphlets(: It was awesome to see how some people reacted. Their faces just lit up. This gospel is something to be excited about! It is good news. We need to share it with that kind of an attitude because it really does make all the difference. When we share our happiness with others, they will feel cared about, and they will be way more willing to listen.

*This is our friend Rob(: He's disabled and we played Book of Mormon jeopardy with him every Sat.
- Wednesday was so BUSY! It was so awesome. We had seven lessons and we were able to street contact. Then, at the end of the day, we were doing service for Ash again and we ran into a guy named Z____. He recognized our name tags and freaked out (in a good way). He explained to us that all his family is LDS and that they love the Sisters. He said that he is doing his own thing right now but that it's awesome that we're out here. We talked for a little bit, and he asked me how I ended up on a mission. I was able to talk about my understanding of God's love and how it was exactly what I was searching for in my time away from the church, I just didn't know it. I felt the Spirit so strongly when I explained my feelings about the gospel to him. After that, we parted ways and we haven't seen him since. I don't know if he will ever decide to come back to the church, but I'm thankful that I was able to meet him and share my feelings about how life-changing a relationship with our Heavenly Father can be.
                                                                    *This is us with our friend Sarabeth! :)
- On Thursday, we had a really fun Thanksgiving activity. Our friend Diana invited her inactive friend N_______ to come, and he did! He came over and sat by us, and we got to talking and it turns out we have a lot in common. We like a lot of the same music and he is super into green living and he's a vegetarian. He's studying environmental engineering at CSU and we talked about that for a while. It was great, and I think it helped him see that missionaries aren't scary and that the YSA ward can be super fun. He told Diana he would love to come to another activity sometime!
                                                        *Here we are with our friends Malorie and Kelsey. :)
- On Friday, we went and had dinner with a member named Jaqueline and her non-member boyfriend J____. They are so cute and just the nicest people. J____ is Catholic, but he has come to church with Jaq the past three Sundays. We've taught him the Plan of Salvation lesson, and we were planning on teaching the Restoration that night. Right before going in the house, Sis. Metzger and I turned to each other and decided that we should share a scripture instead. Alma 26:35-36. When we did, they told us it was so funny we shared that because it is something they have been trying to work on. J___ has been really stressed about things and they both have been trying hard to recognize blessings more so that they can have more joy. I know that we were prompted to share that scripture for a reason, and I'm really thankful that God knows what people need in order to come closer to Him(:
                                                                                     *Our friend Frances! :)
- Saturday was a super busy day. We found out about transfers that day and we also had to move out of our house because our host family had their kids coming into town to stay with them. It was crazy and hectic but also really great. I had been praying that Heavenly Father would help me not to be anxious or stressed about things and I really feel like He is blessing me with a lot of peace and comfort. I'm so thankful that He is aware of me and my feelings, and that He cares about me and loves me enough to help me get through it.
                                     *Me and Sister Metzger and our friend Kat on our hike last week! :)

So, long story short, this week has been crazy! So much change is coming, but I know it is all for a reason and that it will help me become a better person and missionary. I am so thankful that I'll still be close enough to come back for Katie's baptism next week and I'm so glad that I have met so many amazing people here in the YSA. I have come to love the people I have served and even the people I meet on the street, and it's amazing how seeing people the way that God sees them can really change your entire perspective. I'm so happy that I am here, and I know that God has a purpose for me. I know that I can trust in Him, because He will never let me fall. He is the Creator of the entire universe, He is all knowing and all understanding, and He has given me (and all of us) the opportunity to pray to Him whenever we need to. If we have pure intent and we are truly faithful, He will always answer. I know that is true. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don't forget to give thanks to Him for all that we have. We are truly blessed in this life, and if you ever need a reminder of that, read Alma 26: 35-36(: I love you all so much!!
Love, Sister Allen