Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 19: "Create Good Things"(:

Hello everybody!(: This week has been crazy busy, so hopefully I can catch you up on all the great stuff that happened!

We did quite a bit of tracting. We met a man named W______, and he told us that his friend was LDS and had given him a Book of Mormon and that he thinks it's just as true if not truer than the that was amazing! He's Baptist and doesn't feel like changing that right now, but we are hoping that the Spirit will help soften his heart even more as he continues to read(: We are hoping to be able to meet with him eventually.
                                    *Me and DeFord with a sweet girl, she is getting baptized next week! (:

We were able to visit so many of our wonderful less-active members this week. One of the Sister's that we visited is someone who I've always felt a very strong connection with. She has such a sweet spirit and knows that the gospel is true. She agreed to having us come over on Wednesdays to do lessons and studies with her, and I am so excited. She has a difficult situation at home, and I know that the Lord can help her with these things as she invites His comforting love back into her life.
                                                                    *the Moore's daughter, me and DeFord! (:
I was able to meet the Moore's this week! We had dinner at their house and they are such a wonderful family. Their son Glen and his family are in my ward back home. Small world(:  It's so nice to have those connections because of the gospel and the fact that we are all united in this great work.
                      *DeFord and I with a beautiful birthday cake we made for an Elder in our District! (:
We had a wonderful lesson with Brother C_____. He is such an outstanding person, and I am so excited for him to continue on this journey of healing and happiness that God has in store for him. This gospel is a gospel of peace, of comfort, and security. The promise and joy that comes from aligning our lives more fully with God's plan is so magnificent.
                                                                      *Me with the sweet C______ kids! (:

We had a lesson with our investigator J_____. He is such an inspiring young man. He has a sincere desire to know what the truth is, and to be closer to Heavenly Father. It was really neat making a connection between the questions that he has and the questions that Joseph Smith had when he was confused and wanting to know what to do. I'm so thankful that the Spirit can be a witness to the people that we teach. I know that as they have these experiences, they grow closer God and closer to the Savior. It changes their lives, and little by little they become converted.
                                                    *DeFord and I and our Valentine's to each other...haha! (:
Church was very inspiring this week. I know that when we work to create good things in our lives and in the lives of others, we will have positivity and joy. We will feel God's influence in all that we do and in who we are as people. I'm so thankful for the ability to make that choice, to choose to be happy despite setbacks and circumstance. We all have that choice. When we turn our burdens over to the Lord, He helps and heals us, and we come out better and stronger than we were before(:
                                                 *Lots of beautiful sunshine here, snow is melting quick! (:

We had a game night with some of our less actives at the Doherty's house. I really love that family, and especially Sister Doherty. She is such a blessing and I'm so glad to know someone who I can connect with so well. Also, Brother Doherty is the Gospel Principles teacher. Yesterday, we talked about the Creation. Here is a funny quote from him: "A lot of planning went into the Creation...except for the duck billed platypus."

In other news, WE HAVE A NEW COMPANION! We are in a tri-panionship now with Sister Jenson. We are so excited(: She is so awesome, and I'm so stoked to see all the good that she is going to bring to the area.
                                            *The Three Musketeers: me, Sister DeFord and Sister Jenson! (:

I love you all!(: Create some goodness this week and look for opportunities to show love to those around you. You never know the difference you can make, or more importantly, the difference that Christ can make through you.

Love, Sister Allen