Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 20: "God's Timing Is Perfect"(:

 We saw this super cute house on the way to dinner! (And yes, I know I'm wearing beige on beige, don't judge me...haha)

                                                                         Selfie with Daffy and Daisy duck.

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great week and a super fun Valentine's Day(: I couldn't have asked for a better week this week. I'm so excited to tell you all about it!

On Monday, it was Elder Croft's birthday, so we baked this awesome cake and I wrote "You're really old," on it. His ankle is all messed up right now so he has to walk with a cane, so we thought that would be fitting(: We had dinner with M_____ (the maintenance man that we do service for at the Y) and his family. It was so much fun to meet his wife and daughter and share a message with them. It was cool because he said "We've been having missionaries come over for years, but your the first one's who have ever shared a message with us. Thank you for that,".
                       Us with M_____ and some random guy in a green shirt!(: (we just got done painting!)
Then we had a lesson with Brother C______, which went so well. He said he has felt so much peace since he has been coming back to church, things that would normally make him angry don't bother him as much. He's even been sharing the gospel with people he works with!(:
                                                      Elder Croft with his birthday cake!
                                                        The District! (minus Sis. DeFord)
Me and Hermana Benny lighting up the 21 candles! We shared cake with all the workers at the restaurant too!

On Tuesday we moved into the Mackrory's house. They are both from South Africa and have the best accents ever. They are so sweet and Sister Mackrory is just the cutest lady. And the Seyfi's are still just 5 minutes away, so we can still see them too(: We had a lesson with P___, and it was so neat to listen to her testify of how she came to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet. She has such a sweet spirit about her.
                                                                                              Me and P___(:

Wednesday was such an amazing day. We had a lesson with S_____, a less active member who I have a special spot in my heart for. She has such a kind heart, and such a strong faith. I know that as she works through the difficult things in her life with God by her side, she will come back. He loves her so much, and so do I! We taught the Restoration, and I gave her the talk "His Grace Is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. That talk has helped me so many times when I have struggled, and when I was first coming back to church and heard it for the first time, it helped me more fully understand the depths of Christ's love for me. I hope it can help her too! Then we had a lesson with D_______ and C______, two of our new investigators. We met C______ one day while tracting in an apartment complex. It was funny actually, because we knocked on the door next to hers, and then she answered her door. She was about to close it, but then I was like "Wait!! We're missionaries...". We talked to her for a bit and she said we could come back, so we did! We taught her and her older sister D______ about the Restoration, and it was so cool because C______ said she felt just like Joseph Smith, and that she wanted to know the truth too. They have both accepted the invitation to be baptized.
                                                                The Three Musketeers!
 Making "meep" can definitely tell that one nostril is bigger than the other in this picture.
                                                                                     Me and sweet S_____!
We had a lesson with three new investigators on Thursday. D____, R_____, and C_____. They are all wanting to change their lives and raise their children with good values. What better way than to raise them to become like Christ? We were able to share the message of the Restoration, and it was neat seeing the understanding they grew to have as they asked questions and learned by the spirit.
The Elder's got us a lead pipe to protect ourselves from dangerous men on the sweet hahah.

We had an awesome night on Friday. We had dinner at the Schroeder's (this amazing family in the ward, I love them so much) and they had their friend H_______. She's a really awesome girl, and we're excited to get to know her better! We stopped by Skyline High School afterwards to go support some of our Young Women in their Senior Night Basketball Game. It was so crazy being there, it made me miss basketball. It meant a lot to them that we could be there for part of it, and it was fun to give them hugs after the game.
                                                                       The Schroeder Clan! Plus H______(:
Us with Breanna and Kelsey Robison!(: They are so awesome, and such great basketball players. Fun Fact: The Leifson's are their cousins!!

Saturday. Oh my goodness I don't even know where to start. We got in contact with F_____, and he agreed to meet with us. We went over and had a lesson with him, and he opened up to us and it was the sweetest thing. It was amazing hearing him talk about how he is happier when he meets with us and comes to church, and how he knows it's true and wants to be baptized and raise A______ in the church. He has had a lot of challenges recently, because the adversary knows that he wants to progress. But he is determined to move forward with his life and in the gospel. He now has a baptismal date for March 14th. I love F_____ so much. He is such a good dad and has such a Christ-like love for others already, he's an amazing person. We had dinner with the Stewart family, who prepared an adorable Valentine's Day salad bar and made these rice krispy treats that I could eat in the shape of Hershey's kisses. It was so cute! We also had a lesson with D_______, who bought each of us a rose!(: I don't know what was better, the rose, or the fact that he said, "Just so you know, this cuts out two packs of cigarettes!". Yay for miracles! God is so good, all the time.
                                                         Us with D_______ and the beautiful roses he gave us!

Yesterday was beautiful, and in sacrament we had an amazing musical number. Four of the Young Women performed it, and it was so great. L______ sang and did such a good job. I love that girl. F_____ came to church, and after sacrament he said, "The first talk was on faith! It was like it was tailored just for me,". It was so good to hear that. Apparently when he was in Priesthood, he introduced himself and said, "Hi, I'm F_____! And I'm preparing for baptism!". I started crying when I heard that. I'm so happy that he is so excited about all of this. It's an amazing thing to see. We also had a D____ and C_______ there and a lot of less actives that came as well.

We found out about transfers this week! Sister Jenson and I will be staying here in Longmont!! I am so happy(: Sister DeFord leaves today, which makes me sad :( I love her so much and will miss her dearly. We were able to see tons of families that we love this week before she leaves, and it was so great to feel of the spirit and love in their homes.
                                                                   The Jones Family!(: They are the best!!
                                                                                        The Stewart Family! <3
                                                                The Engstrom Family(: I love them so much!

So there is our week in a nutshell. I am so thankful to be serving the Lord here. I know that there is a time and reason for everything, and that if we trust in God and His divine plan for each of us and for all those who we share the gospel with, we will have success and joy in this life. We need to remember the question the Savior asked Peter. "Do you love me more than all of this?" Do we love the Savior more than the trivial matters in this life? Do we show Him that love? These are questions I've been asking myself this week. I know as we evaluate where we are at with our Savior, our relationship has the potential to grow stronger everyday. He loves us more than ANYTHING. That's a promise and a blessing above all else(:

I love you guys! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Allen