Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 22: "5 Months Already?!" (:

Hello everyone!(: It's been a beautiful and busy week here in Longmont, and I can't believe that I hit my 5 month mark already! It's going by way too fast. 

Monday was awesome. We had a great lesson with Brother C_____. I am so happy for him and the choices he's making in his life. I can see the light and the happiness that he has because of the gospel and it just makes my heart so happy!(: 
                                                                Sister Jenson and I and our proteins!! haha! (:

On Tuesday we had a lesson with S_____, and her husband was there for it as well, which was such a miracle! It was really amazing hearing S______ talk about the Holy Ghost and how it has influenced her life. She has such a sweet spirit about her, and I am really excited that her husband is being supportive of her wanting to come to church now. It's been an awesome change to witness. We had a lesson with F____, and he was just so happy the entire time. He really does have such a good heart and is so excited about the gospel. We had dinner with the Mackrory's later and it was so fun. Living with them has been amazing so far, and they are such hilarious and kind-hearted people. I'm so thankful for them(: This awesome sister named Lauren in the YSA Ward came to some appointments with us later, which all fell through, but we were able to get to know her better. She's really great and is so willing to come see people with us, so that's exciting! Then, we had exchanges with Sister Tafengatoto and Sister Waite! Which leads me to....
                                                             Me and the Mackrory's! (:

WEDNESDAY! One of the best days. Sister Waite was here with me in Longmont and oh my goodness we had so much fun(: We had a great lesson with C______ in the morning. She has grown in leaps and bounds since the first time I met her. She seriously is glowing now, and it's so cool to see the light of Christ in her as she continues to progress. We had lunch at Natural Grocers (and keep in mind that it is a beautiful sunny day, therefore I did not wear my snow boots) and when we walked back outside it was a full on BLIZZARD. It was intense. We walked all day in it and it was so much fun. It was a miracle too, because even though my boots and two pairs of socks were completely soaked through, my feet were never cold(: Talk about a tender mercy from the Lord. We had a lesson with J_____, and it was really awesome to talk to him about the Plan of Salvation (he's been raised Catholic, so he has a very different perspective than we do). He was so excited when we told him about the Fall, and about how it was necessary. He was like, "That makes so much sense!!". It was really cool to see him understand. Dinner at the Merrill's was tons of fun, they have two little girls who are the cutest thing ever. Also, she made raw vegan brownies and they were so delicious. Sister Waite really is one of my best friends out here. I'm so thankful we got to spend the day together. 
                                                                  Sister Waite and I! (:
                                                     Sister Waite and I showing our true colors!!  haha! (:

Thursday we had another lesson with F_____. He said the closing prayer and it was AMAZING, because he talked about his father who is sick and it was just a really beautiful thing to be a part of. He has such a strong testimony. We had a lesson with C__________ also, and it was amazing to hear her pray as well. She really poured her heart out to our Heavenly Father and the spirit was so strong. Getting to pray with people is one of the coolest experiences as a missionary. I love it. We had a lesson with D____, R____, and C______. Sister Anderson came and she testified so beautifully about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. D____, R____, and C______ have had really hard lives, but they are truly being changed by Christ's Atonement. Getting to be a part of this experience has been such a blessing. I'm so incredibly happy for them. 

Friday we did service with M____, and guess what?! His daughter, R____, has been attending church at the YSA Ward. He was so excited to tell us about it!(: I know that Lord is working miracles in M____' life. We had the chance to stop by D______ and C_____'s house with Lauren later, and the timing was seriously crazy because she was walking out the door just as we got there. They are still interested in learning more, work has just been crazy for her lately. We were so excited we got to see her! We had a lesson with P__, and she shared a lot about how she's kept faith during times of trial. Her daughter, A__, is having some health problems right now. I love P__ so much, and I'm praying A__ will get better.

Saturday was crazy! We had so many things fall through, and then we met so many amazing people! We met a lady named A________ while we were tracting, who took the missionary discussions a year ago, and she said that she wants to start taking them again(: We also met so many other people that we set return appointments with. Then we had a lesson with Sister Morrison and her sweet granddaughter L___ (who isn't a member). It went so well, and it was cute because we said we were going to share a scripture and she ran and grabbed her Book Of Mormon that we gave to her last time. She was so excited!(: We had dinner with the Doherty's/Anderson's and Brother C_____ later. It was so much fun. I seriously love them so much. They are one of those families that I've met that I honestly know I'm supposed to be friends with. I am so thankful that they are here in Longmont and that I've had the blessing of getting to know them. 

Yesterday was hard, but still wonderful. All of the testimonies were awesome, but especially J_______'s (a 10 year old boy in the ward). He testified so plainly and powerfully of the truthfulness of the gospel, which was so cool to see from someone who was so young! It strengthened my testimony a lot. F____ didn't make it to church, and we haven't heard from him at all, which has been weird. I'm praying for him and just trusting that the Lord has a plan and a reason for it. The Bishop told us that Sister Morrison talked to him about how L____ has loved the lessons with us!(: And she also talked about baptism, which is so amazing! We are so excited for her. 

Something I was reminded of this week is that everyone has their agency, no matter how badly I want them to experience the joys of the gospel, they have to want it too. All that I can do is have unconditional love for them, and that perfect love comes through charity. I was reading in Moroni 7: 43 - 48, and the part where it says "charity never faileth" really stuck out to me. I know that as long as I have charity for the people I'm serving, I'm doing the right thing. I love being a missionary. I love my Savior, and I'm so thankful for His atonement. I'm so thankful for the gospel, and I know that it is true. I love all of you! And I hope you have a great week.

Love, Sister Allen