Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 23: "I Believe In Miracles!(please make sure you sing the title to this email)" (:

                                                                    The two amigo's! (:

Hey everyone!(: I hope you all had an awesome weekend. The sun is shining and it's been a beautiful week here in Longmont!

We had an awesome lesson with Brother C_____ on Monday. The Doherty's came along and we talked all about the strengthening and enabling power of the Atonement of our Savior. It was so neat to hear Brother C____ testify about how the Atonement has blessed and continues to bless his life. He's doing so awesome, and it's so cool to see how happy he is!

Our lesson with C_____ on Tuesday went amazing. She talked about how since she's started reading the Book of Mormon more frequently, she feels less empty. It's amazing how the Spirit can fill the holes in your heart that you don't even realize are there. I know that God loves us and wants to give us that healing and blessing of comfort, we just have to reach out for it. We had a lesson with one of our new investigators, and it went really well. She said that we can come back, and I can't wait to talk to her about the Plan of Happiness that God has for her life. We had a lesson with the E_________'s later that night, and it was really amazing because we got two referrals from their ten year old son H_______. We went and visited them after we left, and one of them was interested! We're meeting with her next Wednesday. It's amazing to see how in tune children are with the Spirit and how willing they are to share that light with others(:

Wednesday we met with S______. I just love her and am so happy for the progress that she has made. She literally has this light about her and I know it's because she's living the gospel more fully. Hearing her talk about prayer and scripture study made me smile from ear to ear. S______ has been a tender mercy for me here in Longmont. We had a lesson with some of the Seyfi's friends from work, and it was really neat talking about the Book of Mormon and the love that God has for us with them. I gave the training at District Meeting, and I was so nervous (because I always freak out about stuff like that, I don't know why), but when I started talking the Spirit totally helped me feel calm and it went really well(: I got to talk about charity, which is one of my favorite Christ-like attributes, so that was great. We went tracting before our dinner appointment and met some really amazing people, a few of which said they would be open to learning more. We had a lesson with L____ and Sister Morrison afterwards, and it was adorable because L___ read out of the Book of Mormon with us and then said the closing prayer. Her prayer was so sincere and she thanked Heavenly Father for the chance to read the Book of Mormon. That was a good example to me of how my own prayers need to be! As we were leaving we heard her say to her grandma, "They are SO nice!". It made me feel good(: We had an awesome lesson with J_____ that night. His family life is hard, but he really is so spiritually mature. I'm praying that he'll continue to grow in his understanding of the gospel. 

Thursday was really amazing. We met this lady a few weeks ago at the bus stop. We'd been trying to meet with her for a while and she asked if we could meet her at Taco Bell. We were kinda worried that the atmosphere would be too loud but we decided to go for it because we wanted to see her! We taught her about the Restoration, and I kid you not, I completely forgot that we were in a Taco Bell haha. The Spirit was so strong, and I honestly could feel God's love for her as she told us about her life. It was a truly amazing experience. Later, we met with D_____ and R______. D_____ had a really hard and exhausting day, but she didn't want to cancel her appointment with us because she wanted and needed to feel the Spirit. Hearing her say that was so sweet. She has changed so much and is making such miraculous steps of growth. I know God is so proud of her, and I know she is seeing that change in herself, which is awesome.

On Friday we did a lot of service! It was awesome though. We helped people move and then helped set some things up for a school talent show at the local elementary school. H_____ and L____ go to school there and it was cute because when we walked in they were like, "YES! The Sister Missionaries are here!". We didn't have a dinner appointment so we decided to take each other on a companion date to this cute little restaurant called Thai Kitchen. The setting was very romantic, and the music was ridiculous. It was so much fun(: Later we had a lesson with the D______'s. Their daughter is one of the cutest kids I've ever met.
                                              Our companion date to Thai Kitchen!haha! (:

We had a recent convert (like 8 days recent) move here from Fort Collins. We were helping her unpack on Saturday and she made us lunch. She is SO amazing. Seriously. She has overcome so much in her life and has made such an amazing leap of faith by getting baptized. She is so awesome and I'm really thankful that we get to work with her now(: Our lesson with her was one of the times that I will never forget from my mission, I felt so much joy and Christ-like love as we talked with her. We also met with our new investigator named D______. He is so kind and I'm so excited for him to grow closer to God!

This week was amazing. We have made it a goal to talk to LITERALLY everyone we see. Even if we have to go out of our way to do it. And we are seeing miracles because of that. One day, we passed this guy on the street. He had headphones in and avoided making eye contact with us so we just walked past. We both felt like we should have talked to him though. Two days later, we saw the same guy and we ran up and talked with him. He is really interested(: I know God gave us a second chance to talk to him. I know Heavenly Father truly is preparing people every single day to hear about the gospel. We are His hands on the earth, and we can help people change their lives through Christ(: 

I love you guys! Have a great week.
Love, Sister Allen