Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 24: " A M A Z I N G " (:

Hey everyone!(: I hope you have had the most wonderful week. I know God gives us blessings every single day, even on the hard days. I hope that you have all been able to recognize those this week and make sure to give thanks(: This week has been one of the most powerful and miraculous weeks on my mission so far, and I'm so excited to tell you about it!

Monday we had a great lesson with Sister Morrison and L___. L___ wants to get baptized, and we are so excited for her!(: She asks lots of great questions and is just so cute. She gets so excited about praying, and it's so awesome to see that with someone her age. Then we had a lesson with Brother C_____. He has been coming to church every week and is feeling the difference that it's making in his life. I am so happy for him, and so thankful for the Atonement of the Savior. 

So Tuesday was one of the hardest days on my mission so far. We literally had everything fall through. And it can be so easy when that happens to look at yourself and be like "What am I doing wrong?". Something I've learned is that that is the wrong question. What I've been trying to ask more lately is "What more can I do that is good?" and that really has been making all the difference. We were able to have a great lesson with Brother L_______and then, something amazing happened. Sister Metzger called and left a voicemail on our phone. When I was serving in Fort Collins, we taught the Restoration to H____, the friend of some wonderful girls in the YSA Ward. The lesson went really well, and we were so happy about it, but we got transferred soon after that. Well, Sister Metzger wanted me to know that H_____ got baptized last week!!!(: Yay for planting seeds, for wonderful members that are such good examples, and for the Holy Ghost.

Wednesday was a miracle. The entire day. We had a lesson with R________, and we taught the Plan of Salvation. She opened up so much about her life, and the Spirit was so strong. Last week, she refused to accept a copy of the Book Of Mormon. This week, she accepted it and said the closing prayer in our lesson. She has had a complete change of heart, and it was amazing to see. Then we had a lesson with S_____, and it went amazing. She is such a strong person. Then, we went to try and see C__________, but she wasn't home. This little boy was following us, and we asked him if his family would like to hear about Jesus Christ, and he said yes. We met his sister M______ and she said that she would be really interested. It was just so crazy because he knew to come and get us. After that, we went to contact a referral that we got a couple weeks ago from a little girl that we met on the street. She told us to go see her friend J______in apartment 3. We had been trying for weeks with no luck. Then today, a woman named C______ answered. Turns out that she is J______'s mom. She let us in and we got talking to her and her husband K_____, and found out that he is a member of the church but hasn't been since he was 16!!! It was amazing. We set up an appointment to come back on Friday. I know that the Lord has a hand in everything and everyone we meet. It's crazy because we met A_____ and J___________, two of our new investigators, all because S_____ had to move her appointment to later and some other stuff happened that had us on that street at that time. 

Zone Conference was on Thursday, and it was awesome. Our whole District sang Savior, Redeemer Of My Soul (Missionary Medley) together, and it was great. I love that song. I learned so many things at the conference that I know will help me become a better missionary. We got to see the new  "Because He Lives" video that is coming out on March 28th. It is so beautiful, needless to say it left me in tears. It's going to be so awesome, to have that coming out right before Easter. We had a lesson with C______ and R______, and it went so well. They are such awesome people, and have come so far. I'm so happy for them. 
                                                                              *Laughing with our District!

We had a lesson with A_____ and J_________ on Friday, and it was amazing. The Spirit was so strong and they were so excited about everything, and really seemed to understand. We got to do service with M_____. I just love him. He's a great guy and such a good dad. Then, we had a lesson with K______ and C______ and their three kids. It was so awesome. S____ and J_____, the ten year old and eight year old, both want to be baptized and paid such good attention the entire time. S_____ asked great questions too. He also said the closing prayer and it was the sweetest thing ever. I am so excited for their family and I know that C_______'s heart will soften as she sees her family growing in the gospel(:

Saturday we had a lesson with A_____ and J___________ again and they brought their friend A________. It was so cool to teach them about the Plan of Happiness that God has for our lives. We ate dinner with the Griffins, and they are such a neat family. They're so funny. We also had the Ward Talent Show and it was great. D_____ and C________came and had such a fun time(: 

Yesterday we had another miracle happen. We had both been praying that we could have someone come to church, and a lot of our investigators had to cancel last minute. We walked into the foyer, and saw these two people there. Their names are S______ and R________, and they saw our "Visitors Welcome" sign and decided to come to church!!(: It was amazing! They said they have driven by before, but that it just felt right that day. It was an answer to our prayers! They stayed for all three hours, and we're meeting with them next week. They are also coming to some activities and to church next week(:
                                                                       *Thanks for the new pajamas Nana!! (:

So needless to say, this week was amazing. I know that as we pray and ask God for help with things, He will answer. We just have to have faith that He will, and give thanks when He does. I love being a missionary, I love seeing people become happier and better through the gospel. I am so thankful for the influence it's had in my life. 

I love you all! Have a great week.

Love, Sister Allen