Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 25: "Joyful" (:

                              So, since we can't have real pets, our District has a (paper) pet sloth. The. Best(:

Hey everybody!(: I hope you all had the most amazing week. It's been beautiful here in Longmont, it's so nice to have the sun shining. I love Spring(: 

On Monday we had a great dinner/lesson with the Doherty's and Brother C____. It was cool hearing about the missionary opportunities Brother C_____ has had recently(: He's an amazing person, and it's so awesome to see the light that he has because he's embracing the gospel. We had a lesson with a boy named A___ later. He's Agnostic, but he is interested in becoming a better person. I know that Christ is the perfect example of a good person, and following that example helps us become better each day. We also had the chance to visit a less-active lady that we haven't seen in a really long time. We were walking by Sister Morrison's house just as she and Sister Seyfi were getting ready to leave to go visit her, and we were invited to come along. It was amazing to see her again, and share a message of hope with her. I know the Lord loves her, and I do too. I'm so thankful that she has devoted Visiting Teachers that listened to the Spirit. I have faith that she is going to progress and become happier and stronger through the Lord.
                                                                          Flowers. It's officially Spring time(:

Tuesday was an interesting day. Lots of stuff fell through, but we met some awesome people who we have lessons scheduled with later this week! This one lady, Marsha, was so sweet. She is really one of the nicest people I think I've ever met. She told us we looked so cute, we should be on The Voice. It was funny(: We got to do service painting at the YMCA, and one of the workers called Sister Jenson and I "low-key gangsters". I'm not sure what that means exactly...or if it's a compliment haha. 
                                                                                   Me and Sister Seyfi!(: 

We went and helped R_______ on Wednesday. Her apartment flooded and so we helped her move all of her stuff upstairs. I feel so bad that she's had so many hard things happen since moving here :/ We eventually got everything moved and then we went and had a lesson with Sister Hall. Later, we went and met with our investigator, D_____. He is a really awesome guy, and it was neat talking to him about the Plan of Happiness. He shared some spiritual experiences he's had with us, and he got emotional while talking about it. You could tell that it meant a lot to him. Sister Merrill came with us and made some awesome comments about eternal families. I'm so thankful for the knowledge we have that our families our forever. I'm so thankful for my eternal family(: 

On Thursday, we had an amazing miracle happen. We were going to contact some of our investigators, and on our way there we saw this man sitting on his front doorstep. We went over and talked to him, and found out that he had just moved here from Indianapolis this week. He was meeting with the Elders there and attending church, but then he came here and didn't know where the church was or anything. He said we can come by this next week and start teaching him(: We are so excited. We had an awesome lesson with Sister Kenworthy, who is leaving for her mission today! It was so spiritual(: Then later we met with D____, R______, and C______. C______ has a baptismal date for April 18th and we are so excited and happy for her! She has come so far and is embracing the gospel so fully in her life. It's amazing. 

Friday we had a great lesson with Ca____. She's going through some tough things, but she has grown her faith so much and you can see how that is helping her stay positive. We got to see J____, the little boy who wanted us to come teach him and his sister, and his little friend A____. We gave them Because He Lives cards with pictures of Christ on them and it was adorable because Alan pointed to the picture and said, "That's my best friend!". My heart pretty much melted. 
                               Because He Lives(: The video comes out on March 28th. It's beautiful!

We had an amazing Saturday. It was 70 degrees and sunny!(: We got a text from R_______ and S______, saying that they would be at church on Sunday! It was so great. We were walking down to contact people on Martin St., and we met this really cool guy named Ce____. We asked if we could share a message with him, and he said yes, so we taught the first lesson out on his porch. When we shared the account of Joseph Smith, the spirit was so strong it seemed to really click with him. He said he'd come to church on Sunday and that we could come back and share a message with him this week.  We also met this sweet lady and her boyfriend and daughter. They were really interested in learning more, but were getting ready to leave. They invited us to come back on Wednesday!(: We had dinner with Sister Merrill and her two cute daughters. She made an allergy-friendly chocolate cake and oh my was heavenly. Then we had a lesson with Sister Morrison and her sweet granddaughter L___(: It went really well, and L____decided to do my hair so that I'd look pretty for our next lesson. She put it in a very painful but adorable bun, and then when she said the closing prayer she said, "Thanks for having the missionaries come over, thanks for letting me do Sister Allen's hair, it was just awesome!". Haha it was cute(: 
                                                           Just hanging out on the floor with Sister Jenson(:

Yesterday at church was so uplifting and motivating. It was Ward Conference and I feel like there were so many things I needed to hear that the Lord just knew about(: R________ and S_______ were there, and we're going to meet with them on Tuesday. In third hour, R________said that they are planning on making this their home church! We are so stoked for them. C_____ also came to church!(: And that was really cool. He had to leave early for work, but he said that he loved how our church is so centered on Christ. Which is true, because it really is Christ's church.

I am so thankful that I have come to know for myself that the gospel is true. It's so crazy meeting people, and seeing that they are in the exact same place that I was two years ago. It's even more amazing when you see those people start to find out for themselves that God is real, that He loves them, and that there is truth, hope, healing, and incomprehensible joy that comes from being a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm so thankful for my Heavenly Father and His love and mercy for me and for all of us. I know that that love is eternal, and it is beautiful(: There is nothing we can do to change that. 

I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Allen