Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 27: "My Redeemer Lives" (:

                                                                                      Our Easter outfits! (:

Hey everyone!(: I hope you all had a Happy Easter and an inspiring time watching Conference. Good news, I found my planner from Fort Collins, so now I can email all my favorite people! So sorry that I'm lame and haven't been good about that, just know that I love you all!

Monday was awesome, we had a great lesson with Brother Cl_____. We were talking a lot about prayer, and relying on the Lord and telling Him about everything, even if it seems silly. Brother Doherty made a really good point about how when little kids come up to us and tell us silly stories, we love it and it makes us happy. And that's exactly how our Heavenly Father feels about all of us!

We had an amazing lesson with R_______ and S_______ at the Gee's house on Tuesday. We talked about the Plan of Happiness, and it was so amazing seeing the joy and understanding that they had. R_______ said, "I never knew that the Fall was something that God had planned, but the Book Of Mormon makes that clear,". At the end of the lesson, he said, "You know, even on the hard days, when I'm here with my Sister's and with the Gee's just talking about Christ, I feel revived,". So much happiness, I love them so much.
                                                                     A free toilet in someone's yard...haha! (:

On Wednesday, we met with R_______. They lesson was amazing, and she said that when the Holy Ghost tells her heart that it's true, she'll be baptized. I'm so excited for her! She's an amazing and strong woman, and I can tell that the Spirit has softened her heart so much. We had a great lesson with S_____, and she said that she and D_____ would be coming to conference on Sunday morning. We had a lesson with C_____, and her husband S____, and that was so awesome. They are both working together to grow closer to the Lord, which is how marriage is supposed to be. It's so cool to see how happy they both are. We had a lesson with R_______ and S______ in their home, and it was amazing. I love that the scriptures testify so plainly of the Savior's love for us. It is such a huge blessing. 

Thursday we had a lesson with D____, R_____, and C______ on the Word of Wisdom. It went really well! It's amazing to see the changes that they are making in their lives. I came home to boxes from Grandma and Papa, Uncle Verl, and my family(: I love you guys. Thank you all for making my Easter so special. 

We met with Ce_____ on Friday. I seriously love him. He is so cool and in tune with the Spirit. We talked about baptism quite a bit, and Sister Seyfi bore her testimony of why it's so important and how she knew she needed to be baptized. He really seemed to relate to her, and it was so awesome to see the change of heart that he had when she bore her testimony. Later, we had a lesson with L___. She's so cute. I just love that girl, and it's so cool to see how much she understands about God's love for her. 

Saturday was so great. Conference was seriously so amazing. I especially loved Elder Packard and Sister Burton's talks. I especially loved the phrase that was used, "Thee lift me, and I lift thee, and we'll ascend together,". So wonderful. I know that we all need to love each other and support each other in this life. As we love others the way the Savior does, our own lives become happier and more meaningful. We watched the second session at the Doherty/Andersen's home. I love them so much. I honestly feel so blessed to have met that family, and I'm so thankful that I don't have to say goodbye to them yet!
                                    Here we are...emailing home!!  Me laughing at these silly Elders!  (:

So many prayers were answered on Sunday. It was truly a miracle. R_______ and S_______ weren't able to come watch conference with us because their son was in town, but we got a text from them telling us that they were watching it on their own, and that God spoke to their hearts as they listened. They are so excited to become members of the church! S_____ and D______ came to the morning session, and I know that they both felt the Spirit so strongly. S______ and I both loved Elder Nielson's talk on the Prodigal Son. I also loved Elder Holland's talk. Both of those spoke so powerfully to me, and I received so much spiritual guidance from their inspired words. Later, the Seyfi's set up a cute little Easter egg hunt for us, which was so sweet. It made the day that much more special. We had dinner with the Gee's, and that was super fun. Then we had a great Easter lesson with the E________'s. They are such a cute family. It was adorable, before we left, H________ (their 10 year old son) was like, "Can I give you a hug?". I told him that we can do hand hugs for now, but after I'm done being a missionary I'll give him a real one haha. It was so sweet.
These two Elders, Elder Croft and Elder Carstens, finished up their missions, they are awesome people, we were sad to see them go!  Sister Jenson and I are doing "sloth" hands in honor of our District's mascot! haha

I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I've met here. I'm so thankful for Easter, and the time that we have to reflect on the fact that we do indeed have a living, loving, and amazing Savior. I love Him, and I love all of you! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Allen