Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 28: "Just Be Yourself" (:

                                                                     Me and Sister Jenson ready for church! (:

Hey everyone!(: This week has been one of so many miracles. I'm so happy to be serving here in Longmont!

We had a great lesson with a less-active Sister on Monday. She so sweet and it was so awesome to get to know her better and help her feel God's love for her. Then we had a lesson with Brother C____, and it was awesome. Bro. and Sis. Doherty shared some really awesome testimonies on following spiritual promptings. I know that following those promptings that we receive from the Holy Ghost is so important, and when we do it makes Heavenly Father so happy and helps Him to trust us more. We show we are thankful to Him by listening to that still, small voice. 

Tuesday we met with Ca____ and S___, and it was wonderful. They have grown so much spiritually, and are continuing to grow together and that's awesome. We had an amazing lesson with Ri_____ and Sh____ that night, and a super cool miracle happened. They had been praying about their son a lot, and had a really strong hope that he would want to join the church. He has attended a couple times with a friend. They prayed about it after watching conference on Sunday. The next day, their son texted them and told them he wants to become a member of the church!(: They told us all about it and they are so happy and thankful. He is going to start the missionary discussions with the missionaries in his area, and they are hoping to all be baptized together as a family in May(: Amazing, amazing miracles. 
                                                               Creepy gnomes in someone's yard! haha (:

On Wednesday, we had a lesson with Ce____. The Andersen's came, and they were so awesome. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and he said that he knows that it's true. He has a sincere desire to stop smoking and I know that as he continues praying and reading the Book of Mormon, Heavenly Father will help him have the strength to quit. Then we had a lesson with S_____, and it was great. I love her so much. Then we had a lesson with little L___. We read out of the Book of Mormon picture book, and it was cool to see how much she really understands about it all. She's an awesome girl. 
                                                                                      Us with sweet L___!(:

Thursday we had Zone Meeting, and it was really great. Then, Sister Seyfi came with us and we had a lesson with a man named S_______, who we met a week ago while we were walking. It was such a great lesson, and he really opened up about how he feels like his relationship is with God. He was amazed at the account of Joseph Smith and the whole concept of personal revelation. It's crazy how people just don't realize that God does and will answer prayers. I'm so excited for him to continue growing and learning. After that, we had a lesson with a man named Jesus. We were going to see one of our potentials and he was standing outside of her garage. We shared the message of the Restoration, and he said that we can come back this week and teach him again! We are so excited(: Later we met with D___, R_____, and Cy_____, and had a great lesson about God's love and plan for them. 

On Friday, we had a great lesson with Sister Gautney, she is such an awesome lady. She has been experiencing lots of really amazing miracles lately, and we are so happy for her. Yesterday at church she said, "You two are just so good together. I just love you and it's going to be sad when you get split up. There's no way that you weren't sisters before this life, because you just get a long so well!". It was so sweet(: 
                                                               Got some serious tan lines going on! haha! (:

Saturday was awesome. We had a lesson with Ra____ about forgiveness, and how the Atonement can heal every hurt. It's amazing that our Savior was so willing to feel all that we feel on a daily basis. He truly loves us so much and is always there for us no matter what. Also, 7/11 was having a Slurpee sale thing, so we got Slurpee's. Dad, it seriously brought back so many good memories of when you used to take me to get Slurpee's in California. I miss you! Then, we had an amazing lesson with Brother O_______. He is such an amazing person, and I'm so glad that we met him. He came to church yesterday! Which was so exciting. Later that night, I was able to sneakily make a cake for Sister Jenson's birthday while she was in the shower.
                                                                                               Slurpees!! (:

Yesterday, church was awesome, and I was able to surprise Sister Jenson lots for her birthday with the help of a lot of great members of the ward!(:
                                                                Sister Jenson's birthday!!
                                       Happy Birthday Sister Jenson!! (featuring awkward hand) haha (:

This week, I've really just been thinking about how important it is to be yourself. Heavenly Father made all of us special, unique, and individual for a reason. We are able to use our specific gifts, talents, and life experiences, to bless the lives of others. I know that God loves each of us, and is so happy when we are thankful for who we are. So remember how special you are this week, give thanks, and use those amazing talents God has given you! You never know the good you can do.

I love you all!

Love, Sister Allen