Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 29: "Well Bless Your Angel Hearts" (:

Lunch with our best friends(: (you have no idea how long it took us to get all of us in the picture)

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had the most wonderful week. It's been an amazing week full of miracles here in Longmont. 

It's been so awesome. There are two people, Emily and Sam, who literally have become me and Sis. Jenson's best friends. They are so great and it's been really fun to get to know them both better and have them in lessons with us. Emily is a return missionary from Canada, and Sam is getting ready to put his mission papers in. You know those people that you feel like you were meant to meet in this life? That's how they have been for me and I just love them(: I know that God wanted us to meet, because they really are such good examples to me and make me want to be a better and happier person. I feel so blessed to have met people in my life who are so supportive and loving, and it's super cool to be meeting some of those people out here on my mission. I know that we're all going to be best friends for a long time.

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator, J___, on Monday. He has never really been too religious, and so it's all kind of new for him, but I know that as he prays about the simple truths of the gospel, he'll receive an answer from Heavenly Father. God loves us all so much, and as long as we are praying with humble and sincere hearts, He will answer us in the way that He knows is best for us. 

Tuesday was a day full of miracles. We had a lesson with Ro_____, and she has changed SO much. Her heart has just continued to soften and she is praying and is going to come to church on Sunday. She wants to receive an answer. She hasn't ever felt the spirit before, and I know that as she continues to pray and as she starts reading the Book of Mormon, that spirit will come and she'll know that it's true. She's already expressed a desire to be baptized when she gets that answer(: Emily came out with us later and we met this man who used to be a satanist. He came from a very painful childhood, and then one day a friend of his reached out to him, and he was able to completely change his life around and come unto Christ. He isn't interested in learning about the gospel at this time, but it made me so happy for him that he was able to experience a complete change in his life all because of the love of the Savior. It's amazing what the light of His perfect love can do to people. I know that someday he'll accept the gospel, and it'll be awesome(: We ended the night with a lesson with R______ and S______. They are such amazing people. Honestly. We all agreed that we were meant to meet one another, and that God truly does have a plan and knows who we need in our lives. They have been reading the Book of Mormon, and are loving it so much. They have discussions, and pray, and ask questions. They really have a desire to come closer to Christ and to know the truth and beauty of the gospel. The Spirit that is felt in lessons with them is amazing. I love them(:

On Wednesday morning we had a great lesson with C_____. He's seriously so awesome, and we are hoping and praying that he will have the desire to be baptized. Then we had exchanges and I was with Sister Metzger! We had a great lesson with S____. We talked to her about the temple and it was awesome hearing her happy memories of when she has gone. She is such a sweetheart, and I know that she has a desire to do what is right. She is so genuinely kind to everyone and I just want her to be happy. And the best and most lasting happiness comes from the gospel.
                It rained/snowed a lot this night, but we had a great lesson with Rayann so it's all good(:

We visited R______ on Thursday with Samuel and Emily. It was seriously amazing to see how great her apartment looked. The Relief Society sisters in the ward have been so wonderful, and helped her get it all cleaned and organized (after the moving and the flooding, it was too much for one person to handle). I'm so thankful to be serving in a ward where people truly do have the spirit of charity, they are such good examples to me. The lesson went really well and the spirit was really strong, especially when Sam shared a scripture out of Doctrine and Covenants 121. It really was exactly what she needed to hear.

Friday was super great. We had an awesome lesson with Sister W________ at dinner. She is such a strong and faithful person. She's been through so much but still knows and trusts that Heavenly Father has a plan for her. After that we went and helped move some of D___, R_____, and C_____'s things out of their old house. Sam and Emily came and helped us and it was actually super fun. 
                         Sister Jenson and I with our friends Sam and Emily at the Mexican restaurant! (:

On Saturday, we had an amazing lesson with Brother O_______. Sister Baker came with us and bore such a strong testimony on the sacrament. It was amazing hearing Brother O________ talk about what the sacrament means to him. I'm so happy that he's coming back to church, he is an amazing man. After that, Emily and Sam took us out to lunch at this really delicious Mexican restaurant. It was so much fun and we laughed and talked and had a lesson and it was just awesome(: They are the best. Later, we had a lesson with L____ and it went great! She's such a sweet girl, and really does want to be baptized. We love her and are excited for her to make that step to come closer to Heavenly Father. We had a meeting/dinner with our ward mission leader and the Hermanas later that night, and he said something so kind. He said, "You know, I just really appreciate how bold you all are. Because that's how you're supposed to be. And I'm just very thankful for that because it gives me and the rest of the ward confidence in you,". It was so sweet! We went to the adult session of Stake Conference later, and it was awesome. I felt so uplifted and inspired. Our mission president, President Brown, spoke and was talking about miracles. He had all the full-time missionaries stand, and then he said, "These are 22 of our miracles,". That brought on the tears haha. 
                                                                              Me and my favorite human! (:

I love Sundays. Stake Conference was awesome. Amidst all of the spiritual strength, there were some hilarious things that happened as well. Here are two examples: 1. There was a woman giving a talk (about raising children, modesty, etc.) and she literally said "boob crack" in front of the whole stake. It was hilarious. 2. President Brown, in reference to the many young men who were leaning forward and sleeping in the pews, said that it is called the "Toilet Position". And then busted up laughing. It was very unexpected but hilarious. After church, R______ and S______ met President and Sister Brown, and they got along so well. R______ said, "I feel very protective of our Sisters, they are like daughters to me," and President Brown said, "Trust me, I know that feeling,". It was really sweet(: Later, we had a lesson with D___, R_____, and C______ and their friend M_____. It went so great, and C_____ and R_____ will be getting baptized together now(: We are so happy for them! Then we had a great lesson with D______.

As you all probably know, today is 4/20. So things should be pretty interesting here in Colorado haha. This week, I realized something that is so amazing. The Savior has so much faith in us. He trusts us to teach others about the gospel. He has faith that we can get through this life with the gospel on our side. He has so much confidence in us, and wants what is best for us. So we should have so much confidence in ourselves! We have the Savior of the world lifting us and supporting us, and we can do anything through Him. 

I love you all so much.

Love, Sister Allen