Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 31: "LOVE"

 "There is sunshine in our souls....and on our faces!"
Hey everybody!(: This week has been SO awesome here in Longmont, and I hope that it's been wonderful for all of you too.

We had a great visit with Brother C_____ and the Doherty's on Monday. The day started off really eventful, with our house almost getting broken into and whatnot, but it's all good(: Brother C_____ has such a strong spirit and is just such a good person. It's awesome seeing him grow happier as he grows in the gospel(:
                                        "Carrie and Seth got Sis. J some strawburry malk and OJ for me!"

On Tuesday, we helped the Andersen's paint their kitchen. It was so much fun! We also met two new potential investigators named J___ and M______. M_____ is one of the nicest people ever. Seriously. He's just happy all the time, I love it! We had an amazing lesson with R_______ and S______. It was so full of the spirit as we talked about eternal marriage and how families really are meant to be forever, lasting far beyond this short period of time that we have on earth. It was so cute seeing how happy they were. They've decided to let their son have his own journey with the gospel, and will be getting baptized as soon as possible. SO excited for them. 
                                                                            "Swingin' at a potential's house"

We met with S______ one on one on Wednesday, and had a wonderful lesson. She truly is an amazing woman, so willing to do the will of the Lord and to trust Him. She told us that she and R_______ have adopted us as their daughters and that they want us to come back and visit them with are families after the mission(: Sister Jenson and I are so stoked to go to their sealing next year. So much love for those two. We met with S_____ later and had an awesome lesson. She is so wonderful, I just want her to have all the happiness in the world because she deserves it, and I know that joy really does come from the gospel. Christ wants us to be truly happy. He doesn't want us to be weighed down by guilt, sorrow, or insecurities. He's made it possible to overcome all of that. What a blessing that is(:
                                                                        "Shopping for foods with Emily!" (:

On Thursday, we had an awesome lesson with Sister H____. She's seriously so cool. She has a lot of health problems, but she sees life in such a positive light, and is such a good example to me of what it means to really have a spirit of optimism. We had a lesson with C______ and her husband and talked about eternal marriage. They are so excited to be sealed to one another, and it's awesome seeing them work together to reach that goal. They have both changed so much. On our way to dinner with the Lawson's (who are so wonderful), we met this boy named C__. He's friends with lots of LDS kids, and agreed to have a lesson with us on Saturday! So awesome. 

Friday was my SEVEN MONTH mark. What the heck?! Time seriously is flying by and it's kinda crazy. We met with J____ and had an awesome lesson. I love sharing the message of the Restoration with people. It's so amazing that God really does answer our prayers, does love us, and does have a plan for our lives. After that, we felt like we should go knock on A_______'s door (one of our potentials who we hadn't heard from in a loooong time). She answered, and was like, "I can't believe your here! This is seriously amazing. I'm only home for fifteen minutes for lunch and you just happened to show up. I was meaning to call you the other day. When we were supposed to meet back on the 13th, I got in a car accident. But it was amazing, because that morning I felt like I should drive my husband's truck instead of my little car, even though I never drive the truck and it was pretty much out of gas. When I was on my way to lunch with my little girl, I wasn't paying attention and ran a red light, and I got t-boned in the intersection. The doctor's said that if I would have been driving my little car, my daughter would have been killed. I know that God was telling me to drive my husband's truck that day,". We were amazed! Such a miracle. And she is wanting to meet with us now, because she knows it's not a coincidence that we showed up(: Heavenly Father is always reaching out to us, we just have to stop and listen. We have an appointment with her on Wednesday, and we are so excited! I got to Skype with my family later that night instead of on Mother's Day because they'll be on a cruise(: It was amazing to see them. I'm so thankful for all the love and support they give me and I'm so thankful that God is keeping them safe while I'm away.
                                                                      "Sweet note from the Dietz's daughter!"

Saturday was a great day. We got to meet with R_______. She's so sweet and really is striving to do what is right. Then we went and saw L____. She is seriously so cute. We just love teaching her. After that we had a lesson with C__. Emily and this girl named A_______ (who he's friends with) came, and it was so awesome. He is so spiritually mature, and really does have a desire to further his relationship with God, which is so cool to see. We also had a lesson with Brother O_________. Sister Baker came with us. She is seriously one of the most amazing people I've ever met. Such a good mom. She gave us lots of advice for life, and it was great. Anyways, Brother O__________ is so wonderful. He is such a genuinely nice person and you can see that his light has gotten brighter as he has been reading and praying. It's amazing. After that, we met with a potential named A___. She is such an amazing girl, and already has a very strong relationship with the Savior. We're excited to continue teaching her.
                                                                             "Me and my beautiful comp!" (:
Something that I've realized so strongly this week is that the Savior is ALWAYS fighting for us. We receive blessings and miracles every single day. If we pray for eyes to be able to see the tender mercies of the Lord, I know that we will recognize His love more fully in our lives. As we repent daily, we feel a closeness and awareness of His love and we realize our potential as children of a loving Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have of His love. And I really hope and pray that all of you know how much you are loved by Him too. We all have so much worth in the sight of God(: He'll never give up on us. 

I love you all! Have a great week.

Love, Sister Allen