Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 34: "Jesus Said Love Everyone" (:

Hello everyone!!(: I hope you all had the best week ever! It was a
crazy, busy, wonderful week here in Casper. Also, Happy Memorial Day!!
I'm so thankful for the people who have served and are serving to keep
us safe and free.

We had an awesome lesson with cute lil Sister C______. She is such a
sweetheart. We talked to her about prophets. It was really cool
hearing her testimony of Joseph Smith. She still has such a strong
testimony of the happiness that the gospel brings, I know that she
will come back eventually. It's just a matter of time, and I know the
Lord's timing is perfect, so it will work out(: 

There is this awesome place called Joshua's Storehouse here. It's
where we go and do service. This week, some really awesome things
happened while we were serving there. We work up in the front,
distributing the food to people who come in. This man came in and was
like "Are you Mormons?" and I was like "Yeah we're missionaries from
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,". He proceeded to
tell us that he used to be LDS and that he didn't think we helped
people outside of our faith. He said seeing us serving in the
community really opened his eyes and showed him that we love everyone.
It was so cool(: then, this other lady came in and she had on this
pretty blue eyeshadow. I told her I liked it and she looked at me and
got all teary eyed and said, "Thank you so much. You have no idea how
much I needed that today. Thank you so much for being here and doing
this, I am so thankful you're here. This is a good thing you're
doing,". It was so sweet and a moment I won't ever forget. Saying one
nice thing to someone or just smiling at them really can turn their
whole day around. So many people have done that for me, and I'm so
thankful for their kindness and love(:
We had a super inspiring District Meeting this week. It's amazing
feeling so much support from the other missionaries that we're serving
around. We are able to share in our miracles and our struggles, and
that's a huge blessing. Then we were able to have an awesome lesson
with the C______________'s. They are such amazing and positive people, and
they have progressed in leaps and bounds. They are both striving to
follow the commandments and it's so cool to see their willingness.

We had an amazing lesson with our investigator B_____S__ and her
wonderful family. We taught the Restoration and it was super spiritual
because B_______S___ was basically teaching her children about it (she's
heard the lesson before, but her sons hadn't yet). She's such a good
mom and person and I'm so incredibly excited for her to experience all
the joys of the gospel. I love her already(: 

Friday was literally insane but so awesome. We had an iPad conference
in Fort Collins, and we had to pick up the Sisters in Lusk, which
meant waking up at 2:30 a.m., exercising, and then beginning our fun
road trip! We got to hear from Elder Nielson from the Seventy. He gave
such an awesome training on how we are supposed to use the new
technology to further our work as missionaries. It was really cool
because he talked about how we are learning skills and self control
now that will bless the lives of all those that we now love and that
we will love. The First Presidency was talking about the dangers of
the Internet and the difficult things that Satan puts in our path as
we use technology. The best filter that we have is our own agency and
the gift of the Holy Ghost, and it was amazing hearing Elder Nielsen
talk about how the First Presidency and the Lord trust us enough to be
using the iPads. He also talked about how all of us have experiences
that we aren't proud of, choices we make that we wish we could take
back, but that the Lord will never ever be disappointed in us if we
make the choice to repent and change our ways. The Atonement gives
each of us a chance to make things right with our Heavenly Father, and
I am so incredibly thankful for that(: what an amazing blessing.

We went on exchanges with the Lusk Sisters, and it was awesome. I got
to be with Sister Randall in Lusk and it was so great. She is such a
hard working missionary and we were able to have many spiritual
experiences together. One of the greatest was that as we were driving,
we saw this family planting trees, so we pulled over and went to see
if they needed help. As we planted trees, we were able to talk about
the gospel, our testimonies, and their family. We were invited to have
lunch at their house afterwards, and we gave Mr. K_____ a Book of
Mormon. We were able to talk to him about the history of it all, and
about the amazing promise in Moroni 10. He said that he is going to
read it and the Lusk Sisters are going to be helping his wife with
service next weekend!! So exciting(: it's amazing how the Lord places
people in our path, and we simply have to reach out. I also got to
meet one of their investigators, and she was such a sweet lady with
such a huge testimony of God's love. It was awesome. 

 Something that really stuck out to me this week is how kind everyone
is here in Wyoming. People are just genuinely nice, and I love that.
We are all going through this difficult journey of mortal life, and
you never know when being kind to someone and doing something simple
and loving can completely change their life. We feel so much more joy
when we are loving others. A quote from Gordon B. Hinckley that was
talked about in our conference is, "A person who is light-minded makes
fun of sacred things and of other people. A person who is
light-hearted can see the joy and humor in life and laugh in the midst
of trials,". I hope that this week, we can all laugh and love more. We
are all God's children, we need to be here for each other(: 

 I love you allHeavy black heart️ I hope you have a wonderful week and remember to
smile!!! We have so much to be happy about(:

Love, Sister Allen