Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 37: "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" (:

                                                        Sister W and Martin's Cove

Hey everybody!! I hope you're all enjoying the summer so far. It's
been a bright and sunny week here in Casper(: full of so many awesome

I was debating on whether or not I should tell you about this at the
beginning or end of the email...but B______ S__ is getting
baptized!!!!!!(: we had our lesson on the Word of Wisdom last week and
it went awesome. B______ S__ has been praying to receive an answer for a
long time and just hadn't felt like it had come yet. On Tuesday
morning during companionship study, we got a phone call. She was
crying and at first we thought that something was wrong! Then she said
"I was driving and it hit me like a ton of bricks...I need to be
baptized!". Needless to say, we were all crying and so incredibly
happy!(: we went and saw her and her family that night and talked
about everything. She and C____ will be getting baptized on the same
day. And the best part? Brother H________ will be receiving the
Priesthood on Father's Day, which means he gets to baptize them(: The
amount of love in my heart that I have for their family is something
that I can't really explain. I know that I was meant to meet them
here. I'm so thankful that God allows us to have these experiences. We
can't wait!! 

 On Monday, the Millers took us to Martin's Cove. It was such a sweet
and spiritual experience. We were able to hike into the Cove. The
right side of the Cove is where the pioneers who lived camped and took
shelter from the winter storms, and the left side is where they buried
their dead. When we got there, Sister Williamson and I took some time
to just sit. It was so quiet and peaceful. It truly is hallowed
ground. As I reflected on the pain and the sorrow that must have been
felt on the left side, and the rejoicing and thanksgiving that was
felt on the right, I couldn't help but get teary eyed. These amazing
people gave all that they had to follow the Lord. Their example is one
that will never be forgotten. I thought to myself, "Is that something
I'm willing to do? To give my all, my agency, my will, over to God?" .
It is, and I know that it's a life long process of surrendering my
pride, my worldly cares, and my fear, but I know that it is worth it.
Totally and completely worth it. It was very humbling to sit there, to
pray, and to feel the spirit. I'm thankful for the opportunity we had
to visit that sacred site. Even though we did come home with 64
mosquito bites between the two of us hahaha(:
                                                                Inside Martin's Cove
                                                   Sweet Water statues at Martin's Cove
We met with lots of wonderful people this week. We had an awesome lesson with C____ and A________ on increasing your faith and hope. It was really neat to hear them both bear their testimonies of how they gained their faith in the Savior. A__________ should be having their little boy soon! So exciting. Also, they have three snakes. I held two of them. One of them is 8 feet long. It was terrifying. Enjoy the pictures Sister Jenson(: haha love you.

                                                      Me holding the snake...kind of!!! (: 

 The C_____________'s are doing so great. They are both striving to live
the commandments of God, and it's so cool to see how it's translating
into the rest of their lives. We had a very spiritual lesson with
Sister G___________. She is opening up so much, it's been so awesome to see
how the Holy Ghost is working in her life. Okay, and I just love
Sister T__________ so much. We go over every morning to have a prayer
with her. She is so hilarious and happy and I just feel very blessed
to know her. Whenever I have negative thoughts about myself or others,
I just think, "What would Sister T_____________ say?". I'm super thankful
for the example she is to us.

Saturday was intense. We drove down to Lusk with a few people from our
ward to go and help with the flood cleanup. We got to ride with the
Young Women's President, Sister Morris. She is so cool! It was so much
fun getting to know her(: We got there at about 10 and worked until
4:30. We were with about 9 other people from our ward and we were
helping clean out this man named Larry's basement. There was so much
water in the basement, and all of the stuff was soaked. There was
furniture that was so heavy because it was water logged. At one point,
Sister Gleason and I had to tie a rope around this giant, moldy,
mattress and drag it to the garbage pile. We worked and worked, and
Larry and Carmen appreciated it so much. It's funny, because
pre-mission, I probably wouldn't consider wading around in a bunch of
moldy, mucky, water grabbing miscellaneous items and praying that
there is nothing living in there, to be "fun". But it honestly wasn't
bad at all. It was so evident that these people needed help, and it
allowed all of us to come together and serve. And it felt good(:

                                                         This from our MLC last week! (: 

 We had a really awesome dinner appointment with the F____ family. It
was honestly one of the best experiences that I've had so far in
Casper. We were prompted earlier in studies that we should share the
"You Never Know" video. It was amazing, because that is exactly what
Sister F____ needed. It was so awesome getting to know her better. We
really clicked, and I just have so much love for her. She and I have
had some similar experiences, and seeing what a wonderful person and
mom that she is gives me a lot of hope. I love her. She and her sister
in law gave us lots of great advice for life, and it was exactly what
I've been needing to hear. I'm thankful for spiritual experiences that
we get to have with members of the ward. It truly is a blessing.

                             Sister Williamson's great aunt Julie gave me her glasses                                                                                                from when she was younger! (:

This week, I've been studying a lot about humility. Often times, I
have this tendency to be like "Nope, I'm fine, don't need help, I can
handle this all on my own,". Yeah, that's not true. Sometimes I forget
the Savior's invitation of "come unto me,". Christ is our best friend.
He wants to help us, to strengthen us, to give us peace, to love us.
And every time we say "Oh I'm fine, I've got this," instead of looking
to Him to see what His will is for us, we cheat ourselves out of the
blessings, guidance, and love that He is constantly offering us. "For
my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,
saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are
my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts,"
(Isaiah 55: 8 -9). When we humble ourselves and earnestly seek to
align our will with God's will, then we find true and lasting
happiness. In Doctrine and Covenants Section 112 Verse 10, it says,
"Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and
give thee answer to thy prayers,". I know that as we humble ourselves,
and look to the Lord in all that we do, we will be led by someone who
loves us and knows us better than we know ourselves. He has our best
interests at heart, and He will never lead us astray(:

 I love you all! Have an awesome week.

Love, Sister Allen