Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 38: "There is Beauty All Around....When You Stay in Casper!" (:

                                                            Bowling with Aunt J______! :)

Hey everyone!!(: This week has been so awesome. And I get six more
weeks in this beautiful place with Sister Williamson and I am so
stoked! It's going to be an amazing transfer I just know it. Sister
Williamson is on her 8th transfer here, and everyone told me she'd be
leaving after this transfer. I'm so thankful that is not the case(:

Monday was so much fun! Aunt J_____ took us bowling. You guys...I
bowled 109. That's the highest I've ever gotten! It was so great haha.
It was so awesome getting to spend time with her and just have fun.
She's such a sweet lady. We had a lesson with her on the Plan of
Salvation and it was very sweet and sad to see her open up about her
family and how much she misses them. We know that they will all be
together again, and she knows that too. What a comforting and
beautiful knowledge to have. I'm so thankful for the plan God has for
our lives. We also got a chance to meet K_______'s husband, R______. He's
a really nice man and is going to join us for our next lesson. We're
so excited!

                                                             Me and Sister Gardner (:

We had Zone Conference and exchanges on Tuesday. We talked a lot about
the sacrament at Zone Conference, and the spirit was very strong. One
of my favorite quotes from the whole discussion is, "Pain in this
world is not evidence that God doesn't love you. It is the wounded
Christ who is the captain of our soul - He who yet bears the scars of
sacrifice, the lesions of love and humility and forgiveness,". Pain is
necessary for us to grow, but we are never ever alone. Our Savior has
been through it all. He had to descend below all things, and He did
that for us. The sacrament is a time for us to reflect on that great
and redeeming love and sacrifice, and to renew our covenants with our
Father in Heaven. What a blessing it is to have that opportunity every
week. After the conference, we went on exchanges. I stayed here with
Sister Gardner and it was lots of fun getting to know her and work
with her for the day! We met a new potential investigator named C_____.
It was cool, she was walking inside her house and we started to walk
past, then the Spirit hit me like a wall and was like, "Go talk to
her, now,". So we did! She has met with missionaries before and said
she would love to have us in her home. Sister Williamson and I are
going to meet with her this week(: I'm so thankful for the promptings
of the spirit.

                                                              Sister W and her dessert! (:

After we exchanged back, our dinner cancelled so Sis. W and I went to
Applebee's. It was super fun to hang out a companionship and unwind
after the long car ride haha. After that we met with Sister T___________.
She has been in a lot of pain this week, but she's still as positive
and hilarious as ever. I love her.

                   Sister T_______________ gave me Lord of the Rings Goblets........so awesome!! (:

We had a great lesson with the C________________s. They are seriously doing
so well. It's been so cool to see their growth over the past 6 weeks.
We also had an awesome lesson with Sister G___________ this week. She
opened up a lot as we talked about our purpose here on Earth, and it
was so neat to listen to her testify of the strength and the joy that
having a relationship with God brings to this life. She has seen it
help her through so many struggles, and it's built her into a better
and stronger person.

                                                          Another beautiful sunset! (:

We had three amazing lessons with B_______ S__ and her family this week.
We talked about enduring to the end, and how the gospel of Jesus
Christ truly does make this life joyful. The adversary always tries to
bring us down, but we have the peace and strength of God on our side
when we are living the gospel. The L____'s came over to dinner at their
house on Thursday, and we were able to explain the blessings of the
Priesthood and our role as women when it comes to that Priesthood to
Sis. L____'s daughters and to B______ S__. It was so awesome. We were
also able to share The Family: A Proclamation To The World with her.
It was so awesome talking about the that their family is going to be
together forever. I am so incredibly excited for them.

Sunday was a very special day. All week, I've been trying to prepare
more for the sacrament. As I took the cup of water and bowed my head
in a time of reflection and thanks, I had this overwhelming and
powerful feeling of warmth and love come over me and I had a
realization. The H___________'s were sitting on my left, and Sister
Williamson was on my right. I realized that I was surrounded by people
that I love so much, people that I know I will be friends with into
the eternities, people that I know I was meant to meet when I came here,
and none of that would be possible without the gospel and the
opportunity to serve as a missionary. It brought me tears of gratitude
as I sat and really marveled at Heavenly Father's divine and wonderful
plan for me personally. We were able to be present as Brother H________
was given the priesthood, and it was a moment of such joy and
happiness. B______ S__'s face was literally glowing as she hugged her
husband, who now has the opportunity to baptize her and one of their
children. This work is amazing. It is powerful and meaningful and it
is so much more than knocking doors and teaching lessons. This work is
about bringing families and individuals unto Christ. It's about
binding families to one another, it's about love and purpose and
happiness. This work is His work, and it is marvelous(:

We went and saw B______ S__ last night. We were able to talk about the
temple. It was a wonderful lesson(: I love talking about the temple.
I can't even begin to explain how the temple has blessed my life. It's
helped me grow and receive guidance and strength and peace in my life.
I'm so excited for their family to go to the temple someday! B______ S__
said that it's already a goal(: we are so happy for them.

Also! We got a new investigator this week. His name is D______ and he is
the son of one of the members in our ward. He is so funny! He reminds
me a lot of my brother Jacob. It was cute, in the closing prayer he
was like, "Please help me to feel the spirit within me more,". I love
teaching children they have the most innocent and sweet spirits and
sincerely love to learn.

So yeah, this week was a miracle. I love being a missionary(: I'm
closer to my Savior now than I ever have been before and I feel so
thankful in my heart for this chance to serve Him for 18 months.

I love you all and hope you have the best week!

Love, Sister Allen