Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 39: "Do Not Waver" (:

                                                                 "Me and Sister Dubya" (:

Hey everyone! This week was amazing. And I just have to say thank you
to everyone who is writing me and supporting me and praying for me.
You are all so wonderful and please know that it truly does make a
difference. If I could give each of you a huge hug right now, I
totally would(:

We had such a fun P- Day! We had dinner with the Ball's. It was Sister
B_____'s birthday and we had a make your own pizza night(: it was super
fun and it was awesome getting to share a message with their family.
Their daughter stayed in the room for the lesson for the first time
since I've been here. It was really cool(:

This week was so full of service, some planned and some random
opportunities, and it was awesome. I love the feeling you get when you
help others. Serving at Joshua's on Tuesday and Thursday every week
has been a very humbling and wonderful experience. It's amazing how
being kind to people really can turn their whole day around. We were
also able to help Sister T____________ pack up some of her stuff and deep
clean her house. She's going to be moving in August :( I love her so
much. The lessons she has helped me learn in the short amount of time
that we have been together are things that I won't ever forget. I'm so
thankful for her friendship and honestly can't really think about
having to say goodbye cause it makes me emotional.
                                                         "One of my favorite quotes" (:

We had some really awesome less active lessons this week(: we were
able to meet with Brother H________. He's such a great person. Brittany
(one of our awesome members) came with us and we finished teaching the
Restoration. We talked a lot about receiving revelation through asking
in faith. It was such a powerful lesson, especially when Brittany was
bearing her testimony of how God has answered her prayers. We also had
a great lesson with B______ and her family. We talked about how the
gospel truly does bless families and how we can see that as we seek to
strengthen our testimony and relationship with Christ. Two of her
family members aren't members, and they all agreed to take the
lessons, so we got two new investigators! We are super excited for
their family to progress together. The Stanley's fed us dinner on
Thursday and it was awesome! We were able to share a message with them
on the blessing and gift of the Holy Ghost. It was neat hearing about
the spiritual experiences they have had in their own personal lives.

We had a wonderful lesson with B______ S___(: We shared a message on the
10 Commandments. It was awesome talking about how they are just the
basics, and how when Christ came, He took everything to the next
level. He taught us how to love, how to serve, and how to be. He is
such an amazing example of selflessness and happiness, and if we
follow that, we will be better, brighter people(: it was hilarious,
after the lesson, D______ wanted to show us his "super fart". He
started breathing in a bunch of air and then blew a huge raspberry
against his arm. It was hilarious. B_____ S____'s kiddos are the cutest.
                                                      "Us with D_____ and R_____L____" (:

C_____ and A________ had their little baby boy! His name is J____ and he
is adorable. We got to go meet him the day after he got home from the
hospital. C_____ and A________ are such cute parents, and we're excited
to see the positive impact that the gospel will have on their little
family as they start this new and exciting chapter of their lives! It
was hilarious, J____ burped up all over himself, like we are talking
projectile vomiting, and C_____ just looks at us and shakes his head
and goes, "Parenthood...". Hahaha it was awesome.

In other news, we are now the Wheatland Sisters STL's as well. All the
exchanges! And the best part? Sister Waters is in Wheatland!!!(: my
cute lil MTC companion and I will be united at last and it's going to
be glorious. I love her.

This week was super humbling, and I feel like I learned so much about
the spirit. I am so thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. I'm
thankful that it helps me to make the right choices, to say the right
things, and to be a better and more humble person. I am so thankful
for Heavenly Father's infinite patience. I make mistakes every day,
and always have things to improve on, but God builds me up and gives
me the strength to climb those mountains and move on to bigger and
better things(: I know that He is ready and waiting to give us all
that spiritual strength, we just have to ask for it. When we stand
with our Savior, we will not waver. We may stumble or hesitate at
times, but when we are firmly rooted in the love and light of Christ,
we will have the courage to stand for what we know is right,
regardless of the situation we are in or who we are with. One of my
favorite quotes is, "Be the same person you are in the dark that you
are in the light,". I hope that we can all truly and sincerely strive
to be the person that God wants and needs us to be, every single day(:

I love you all! Have a great week.

Love, Sister Sarah Anne Allen <3