Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 42: "Barbacoa??"

                                                                    our necklaces                                                                                                                                         from B______ S___ 

Hi everybody!(: I hope you all are doing fantastic. This week was an
adventure. Seriously. So many things happened and I can't even begin
to fit it all in an email, but I will do my best.

So we had some amazing lessons this week. B______S__ is doing so great.
It was so good to finally see her and give her a big hug. She has such
a strong testimony and is so excited for her baptism this upcoming
Saturday (time has flown by!). I love her so much and am so happy that
the gospel has brought us all together(: the H_________'s are a family
that I will always love and forever be thankful for. We are so glad
that they have wonderful member friends who are good examples. We
taught tithing and fasting and B______ S__ was like, "My friends have
told me about this! It's so cool,". Good friends make such a huge
difference. Also, B______ S__ and Sister Williamson are both super into
this one show called Dr. Who. I've never watched it, but B_______ S__ got
all three of us these necklaces because she said they are going to
turn me into a fan after my mission haha.
                                                                      road tripping
We also met with B_____, R___, and V_____. They are so great. B_____ has a very strong testimony of the Savior still, and it's neat seeing how her testimony helps to uplift R____ and V_____ during lessons. We are so excited to continue teaching them and helping them to grow in their relationship with Christ.
                                                              Sister Thompson and I
We went on two exchanges this week, and I got to stay in Casper both times(: Sister Thompson came from Wheatland, and we had a blast. She's so sweet and she's been out for about 4 weeks. It's so awesome to see what a good teacher she is already, she really knows how to follow the Spirit. We had a great lesson with B______ S__, and then with Sister Glasgow as well. We talked to her about repentance, and it was a very spiritual experience. Then, Sister Malekamu came here to be with me. She is wonderful. It was so much fun, lots of laughs and amazing lessons. We met with Brother H________ and talked about the Word of Wisdom. It was a powerful lesson. We talked about the blessings of fasting in helping us to gain the strength that we need to overcome our challenges. I have such a strong testimony of fasting. I know that it really does give us the spiritual power to defeat our personal Goliath's. Through the strength of the Lord, we can do anything. Brother H_______ has come to church twice, and is excited to fast in a couple weeks. Sister M said something very sweet when we were talking after nightly planning. She said, "I love having you Sisters as my STL's, because I can tell that you genuinely care about me,". Hearing that made me so happy. I love our Sisters so much. They are amazing and I'm thankful for all that they teach me.
                                                            Sister Malekamu and I
During our lesson with the C___________'s, Sister Williamson and I both had a prompting come to us to invite their son in law and his kids to take the lessons. We are going to talk to them about it next time we go over. It was amazing because we both walked out of the lesson and looked at each other and were like, we need to do this(: I love when that happens.
                                                     C____ and A_______ with Baby J___!(:
Okay, so, C____ and A______ invited us over to have a lesson and eat lunch with them. He said he was making Barbacoa. We just kinda assumed that it was some kind of barbecue. Come to find out, it's not. It's actually....cow tongue. Dun dun duuuuunnnnnn. Needless to say, I was a teensy bit horrified. Everyone else ate it in burrito form, but since I can't have the tortilla, I just got a nice heaping plate of cow tongue. Sister Williamson and I were very proud of ourselves for finishing everything he gave us, but it's definitely not something either of us have a desire to try again. The whole time, all I could picture is a cow standing in the grass with its tongue hanging out. Shudder. It was an interesting experience to say the least! Our lesson with them went wonderful though. They are making progress! Church was amazing yesterday. I felt absolutely inspired after sacrament meeting. This man from 1st Ward spoke to us (Brother Potter), and so many things that he said stuck out to me. I am thankful that he had the Spirit to be his guide as he gave his talk. One thing that I loved that he said was, "Just because I'm not a bad person, doesn't make me a good person. Don't get stuck in complacency. Satan doesn't necessarily have to get us to do something wrong, he just has to keep us from doing something good,". I sincerely believe that is true. It is so easy in our lives to get comfortable, to just kind of stay where we are at and not seek for something better, because it requires stretching and growing. But I know that there is progression, and there is regression, and if we're not progressing then we are moving backwards, even if we don't see it right away. As we follow the example of Jesus Christ, as we reach out to others, as we earnestly strive to be our best selves, we will be happier, we will feel better about our lives and ourselves and our future. I know that God designed us to be progressive beings, and as we live the gospel, we will find the most joy and positive progression that there is. I love the Lord. I love that He has complete faith in us to become what He wants us to become.
                           a few of the reasons why me and my comp love each other
I hope that each of you can take some time this week to look for opportunities to do something good. Your kindness and positivity can and will make a difference in this increasingly negative world, I can promise you that(: I love you all! Love, Sister Allen