Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 48: "He Will Give You Help" (:

                       "I stole Cash's ride and tried to make a quick getaway....not so easy when
                                                            you're wearing a skirt." (:

Hellooooo everyone!(: I am just so happy today. I hope you're all
happy too, and if not, hopefully this email can help, even if it's
just a little bit.
                                                                    "Sassy Sisters!" (:
This week was a little crazy. Sister Martin has finally recovered! But
for most of the week she was still sick, and then I got sick a couple
days ago and it was just a mess. Something that's awesome though is
that the Lord will always help you accomplish the things He needs you
to do. He will give you strength when you are running on empty, and He
will comfort you and lift you when you are burdened down by the things
of the world. He wants to help us, we just have to be humble enough to
ask(: so this week was humbling in a big way, because I was asking for
His help, a lot. 

 We went and heart attacked some members of the Ward this week. It was
really fun. I love helping people feel loved. So many people do so
much for us and this was our simple but sincere way of saying thank

 We had some awesome visits with Bobbi Sue this week, and she was at
church on Sunday(: I know I say this in every single email, but I just
love her so much. Brother Hoflund has had to work super late on
Saturdays, so he hasn't been able to make it to church. She came with
two of her kids, by herself, and it was amazing because all the talks
were on the sabbath and how hard it can be as a mom with kids to
really feel the spirit at church. I know that Bobbi Sue needed to be
there at church to hear that message. Heavenly Father loves her so
much, and every time we are with her I get a glimpse of that love and
it's the best feeling in the world.

                                                        "exchanges with Sister Waters" (:
We went on exchanges with the Wheatland Sisters on Wednesday! So much fun, I got to be back with my MTC companion, Sister Waters!(: she is so adorable and just loves to be doing the work of the Lord. It was really cool to see how much she's grown since the MTC. She is a truly amazing missionary. We had dinner with an awesome recent convert named Kaylee, and her husband Mike. It was really cool, the night before we were pondering what to teach them, and I just felt really impressed to share a message on the importance of reading the Book of Mormon daily. When we shared the message, Kaylee was like, "This is exactly what we've been struggling with lately! We've been so busy but we will definitely work on this,". It was awesome to see how the spirit helped us to help them(: That same day, we met a man named Eric. We were able to bear our testimonies that this really is Christ's church and His gospel restored to the earth today, and he agreed to meet with us for a lesson! So great.
                      "Sister Martin plays soccer too and I like this picture so here you go!"(:

The lesson with Eric was awesome. We had a super sweet return
missionary (Lindsay) come with us. We taught the Restoration, and the
spirit was powerful. I love bearing my testimony, and I love hearing
other people bear their testimony. I think you see people for who they
really are, how truly special and wonderful they are, when they are
stating what they love and know to be true. Hearing Sister Martin and
Lindsay talk about how the restored gospel has blessed their lives
just made me so happy. We all felt so good. I know if Eric will pray
and ask God about the message we shared, he will get an answer. No
doubts in my mind(: 

 This week has been a revelatory week to say the least. I feel like I
have been stretched and pushed to my limits; physically, mentally, and
spiritually. At times, I'm not going to lie it was a little
discouraging. There are some days that you can just feel the adversary
working on you. Then, one morning in personal study, I was reading a
talk by President Monson. This quote stuck out to me and totally
changed my perspective, 

"My brothers and sisters, to express gratitude
is gracious and honorable, to enact gratitude is generous and noble,
but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven,". 

gave me chills when I read that! All week I had been praying for help
with so many things. And then the answer slapped me right across the
face. Be thankful. Live with gratitude in my heart, even if things are
not easy. Be grateful for everything, because there is a reason for
it. So that's what I decided to do. All my prayers turned into prayers
of thanks, even for the hard things. I have noticed such a huge
difference in my attitude, in my teaching, in the way I feel about
myself and the people around me! I'm just happy(:
                                                                  "Happy Selfie" (: 

 I know that there are no coincidences in life. God gives us people who
we need to be happy and to be better. He puts us in places where we
will grow and become who He needs us to become. He allows us the
chance to use our agency, to feel sorrow and remorse and hurt at
times, and then allows us to feel how wonderful and joyous it is when
we turn things around. His timing is perfect. He is perfect. And I
love Him.

 I'm thankful for this week. I'm thankful for the crappy days and the
good days. I'm thankful for my amazing companion. I'm thankful for the
fact that God has given me a best friend to talk to about life and
everything that comes with it. I'm thankful for each one of you(:

This week, I hope you can all think of some things that you're thankful for(: 

 Ofa Lahi Atu Kiate Koe! 
 Sister Allen

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 47: "The Spirit of God Like Our Apartment is Burning"

Hey everyone!(: okay, so I want to start this off with a question...let's say your apartment caught on fire..what are three
things that you would grab? What are the most important things? Okay,
now I will tell you about our exciting week. 

So, Sister Martin has been pretty sick, but we have still seen lots of
miracles and tender mercies(: the Lord's hand is in each and every
day. Sometimes we have to look a little harder to find it, but I can
promise that it's there. I know that our Heavenly Father is watching
out for us and blessing us in big and small ways, and when we are able
to see those things and give thanks, our eyes adjust and we are able
to recognize Him that much more in our lives. 

We got a referral for a woman named Norma who was in the hospital this
week. She hasn't been to church in a long time, but we were able to go
and talk with her about her family, her life, and the gospel. Sister
Martin was able to relate to her a lot (they both know a lot about
horses). I know 0% about horses, but I do know how to work an
essential oils machine, which I was able to fix for her. We shared a
message about hope in Ether 12:4 and we were able to leave her with a
prayer. She seemed a lot more peaceful by the time we left. I'm so
thankful for the Spirit, for the ability that it has to bring feelings
of refuge and calm into our lives when things around us seem to be in
the greatest sense of chaos and turmoil. It is such a huge blessing. 

 We were able to see Bobbi Sue twice this week. I love her so much. It
was really awesome, we were able to talk to her about how she's felt
since receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. She said, "I feel like I
get more answers now. And I feel like they're clearer,". I'm so happy
for Bobbi Sue, and I'm so proud of her. She's faced a lot of
adversity, and she hasn't had a ton of support from people that she
loves in her decision to be baptized. But she is so strong and so
excited to continue to move forward. I want to do everything that I
can to help her on her spiritual journey(: 

We had a mission tour with Elder Zeballos and his sweet wife. She is
honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met. Their talks were
inspiring. Something they talked about that I absolutely loved is that
our main purpose, our vision, is to let people know that they are
children of God and that He absolutely and completely loves them. That
is why I came on a mission. I want people to know that in their
hearts; to know that they are loved and cared about and valued by
Heavenly Father. When I came to know that He is real and that He loves
me, it changed my life, and I know that it can change other people's lives too.

After we got home from Cheyenne (where the mission tour was), we had a
great dinner appointment and then we came back to our apartment to lay
down for a bit (we woke up at 4:30 am and we were exhausted) and
change into something else to go visit a lady who smokes (we didn't
want our other clothes to smell, which ended up being kinda
pointless). As we got up to leave, Sister Martin opened the curtains
and looked outside. She yelled back at me to come look, and I saw
flames in our neighbor's window. My immediate thought was, "Our
neighbor's apartment is on fire!". By this point, Sis. Martin had run
outside and came sprinting back through the door way yelling, "WE NEED
TO GET OUT! Our apartment is on fire!". I'm thankful that she was on
top of things. We froze...uhhh...sort of unsure of what to do...and
then we started running around grabbing things. I grabbed my bag, my
scriptures, my letter binder, the area book, and my running shoes (?)
and sprinted out to the car. Fire was literally cascading over the
side of the building, it was intense. We could feel the heat from the
flames and there were ashes and sparks flying everywhere. People were
screaming at us to get out and to run. Also, I realized at this point
that I didn't have shoes, so I had to run back and put those on. We
hopped in the car (and no, I didn't buckle up this time), and Carl was
screaming at us "seatbelt seatbelt seatbelt, aggressive driving, RPM
violation," as we sped around the corner. We parked our car at a
members house and ran back over to see our complex going up in flames.
Honestly we thought that we were going to lose everything, it was a
little scary, but we were just thankful that we got out okay and that
we grabbed the most important things. It was at this point in time
that we realized how absolutely ridiculous we looked. Sis. Martin was
wearing a striped sweater with a snake skin patterned skirt, and I was
wearing a sweater from Goodwill that was a turtleneck. We couldn't
help but laugh out loud. 
                                             On the phone with Bishop in my sweet sweater! (:
                                              Sitting in camp chairs with my best fwiend!(:

The fire trucks showed up then, and they put
it out really quick. We had to wait around to see if our apartment was
okay/if anything was salvageable. So from 8 until midnight we sat
outside waiting to hear the news. We got to meet a lot of our
neighbors. One of them was a very drunk man who called himself Brother
Rich and was hitting on Sister Martin. It was hilarious. No one was
hurt in the fire, which was awesome. Our Ward mission leader and
Bishop both showed up and some awesome members (the Brummonds) let us
come stay the night at their house after all the craziness died down. 

A few miracles: 1. Our apartment was literally untouched. The
apartments to the left of us and above us got hit so bad, but ours is
perfectly fine and able to be lived in. It smells like s'mores too,
which isn't a bad thing really. 2. We had some very dry hedges outside
our door. If those would have caught on fire, we wouldn't have been
able to get out. They weren't even touched by burning debris or anything. They
are removed now, thank goodness. 3. We got to talk to all our
neighbors and get to know them. It was pretty great(:

                                                                             The Fire....
                                                                        The Aftermath... 

The next day, we could have slept in or something, but we woke up at
6:30 and got started on our day. We have been pleading for miracles in
our area, and we know that keeping the commandments really does bring
blessings. And the blessings are coming full force(: 

At church, a
Brother in the Ward came up to us and said "I have someone for you to
teach!", and proceeded to tell us about this lady he knows who is
looking for the truth. 

Then, we had a wonderful lesson with David on
faith(: he is so excited about baptism and is reading the Book of
Mormon stories, and his mom is supportive and happy about it. 

I love the Lord. I know that He sent me here for a reason, and I know
that I'm still here for a reason. I think a big part of that reason is
because I was meant to meet Sister Martin. She has helped me so much
since she has been here. I truly know that God answers our prayers
through others, and the fact that she got transferred here is a
testament to that. I'm so excited for all the miracles we have yet to

I am so thankful to be a missionary. I'm so thankful for this
opportunity I have to serve the Lord with all of my heart, might,
mind, and strength. I am striving to do that. I falter, and I fail,
but at the end of the day the Savior is always right there helping me
up again. 

I know that this time is limited, it's precious and it's
important for me to make the most of it. Elder Zeballos said, "You
have eternity to prepare for your mission, and you have eternity to
reflect on it, but you only have a year and half or two years to live
it. So enjoy your mission, and be a happy missionary, because your
time here is short,". 

I love my mission. I am a happy missionary. Does
everything go my way all the time? No. Is everyone progressing
perfectly? No. But I am happy. I am happy because I love the Lord, I
know that I represent Him, I know that He provides miracles, and I
know that He will move mountains as long as I am willing to keep
pressing forward. 

I know that the gospel, my family, my close ones,
and my relationship with the Savior are the most important things in
my life, and those are things that can't be lost in a fire or taken
away. Those are things that last(: 

 I love all of you so much. Thank you for your prayers and your love! 
 Love, Sister Allen

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 46: "Let Your Confidence Wax Strong" (:

                                                                  Us with our Sisters!

Hellllloooooooo everyone!(: say that in a Mrs. Doubtfire voice haha. I
hope you all had an awesome week. Our week was full of laughs and
adventures and nose bleeds and baby bunnies and all the other good

We had a great Zone Conference this week with President and Sister
Brown. Something that really stuck out to me was a quote that one of
the assistants shared when they were giving their training. He shared
Ether 12:27, and talked about how the "weakness" that it talks about
is the fact that we are human. We are imperfect. We will make
mistakes. We all have that weakness, but through Jesus Christ, we can
eventually overcome that. We are all progressive beings, and as we
learn from our mistakes and our shortcomings, as we rely on our
Savior, I know that we can grow and become exactly who Christ wants us
to become. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it(:

                                                                       Funny faces (: 

 Also, we got these little black boxes installed in our cars. They are
called Tiwi's. They monitor our driving (speed, rpm, seatbelt, etc)
and report back to President Brown. The voice is absolutely
horrifying, it's the most monotone, heartless sound, but it's kind of
hilarious. We named ours Carl. It's a bit of a love hate relationship.

                                                                    Us with Carl (:

After Zone Conference, we had exchanges with the Lusk sisters. I got
to stay here in Casper with Sister Danz. She is such a sweetheart, and
we had such an awesome time together. We walked to all our
appointments, and we had the opportunity to talk to so many people! We
met this cute lady named Chelsea and her daughter. She said that we
can come and share a message with her. We came home absolutely
exhausted, but it was such a productive day!
                                                                    Me and Sister Danz (: 

 So as many of you know, I've super struggled with confidence pretty
much my whole life. Since I started living the gospel, it's gotten a
lot better, but it's still really hard sometimes. All my companions,
but especially my last three (Sis. Jenson, Williamson, and Martin),
have been such confident and wonderful people, and I have looked up to
them and admired them so much for that. I've been striving to gain
that kind of confidence in myself over these last ten months, and I
know the Lord has been helping me. After we finished our exchange,
Sister Danz said to me,"You are such a confident person. I really
admire you for that,". I was shocked. It was a tender mercy, and it
helped me catch a glimpse of the person that my Heavenly Father is
helping me to become.
                                                                   Exchanging back (: 

 I love exchanges, but I was seriously so happy to be back with Sister
Martin. She is like my twin, or sister, or something like that. We
have so much fun and she is just so positive all the time, which
really helps me out, especially lately. Things haven't been working
out, and sometimes it can get discouraging. We did so many good things
this week, we talked with everyone, we knocked on tons of doors, we
set up appointments and invited members along, and it seemed like
everything fell through. One night, we were sitting on the floor,
exhausted and sweaty (it was like 100000 degrees in our apartment),
and I was feeling pretty down. Sister Martin looked at me and said,
"We had an awesome day today! We accomplished so much, we worked hard.
It's not about the numbers,". I needed that. Sometimes, you may feel
unsuccessful because you spend days, weeks, or months, doing what
you've been called to do and you don't see anything happen. But I know
that the Lord sees that we are trying, and that is exactly what He
expects us to do, to try our best and keep the faith. I love Sister
Martin. I'm thankful for her happiness and her diligence. She's just

                                                                        Happy Face (: 

 We had a great lesson with Bobbi Sue on faith and repentance this
week. We also got to meet her parents and her sister Kimi! It was a
really good experience. I was happy that we got to meet them, so they
could see that we genuinely love and care about the Hoflund family and
we aren't weird and scary haha. We also got to see Peyton and
Elizabeth!! It was so awesome(: we just stopped by and Peyton invited
us in. We shared the Plan of Salvation, and the spirit was so strong.
Elizabeth said that she'll be baptized when she comes to know these
things are true. She is so amazing, I just love her and am so excited
for her to find out for herself. I'm so happy we got to meet with

We had this awesome return sister missionary, Lindsay, come out with
us his week(: she was so happy and bright and bubbly! Mom and dad, she
served with Joy Purnell in Salt Lake!!! Small world right?

Some experiences: Sister Martin has been getting random bloody noses
in the middle of the night, and this morning I woke up and she wasn't
in the room. I walked out into the living room and she was just
sitting there with a bunch of toilet paper shoved up her nose. She was
like, "Well good morning!". Then, the other day, there was this
adorable baby bunny being chased by an evil cat. So I chucked my water
bottle at the cat's head and she saved the baby bunny! We felt heroic.
Oh! We also saw a shooting star!!!(:

So that was our week, it was magical. I love you all and am thankful
for your prayers! Keep smiling, and have a great week! 

 Ofa Lahi Atu Kiate Koe (: 
 Sister Allen 

 PS: Richard and Sheree, I love you both so much and even though I
couldn't be there for your baptism, I hope you know that I was there
in spirit and that I am so excited and happy for both of you!!(:

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 45: "Sick and Tired...but Happy!"(:

                                                 Me and Sister Martin in our mustaches! (:

Okay, so I think I have laughed more this week than I have in my
entire mission. I'm not sure if it's because I'm sick and haven't
slept at all, or if it's because Sister Martin is hilarious, or both.
Probably both. Either way, this week was awesome and I hope you all
had a great week too(:

                                        Me and Sister Williamson at the ice cream party! (: 

 Monday was definitely bittersweet. It was Sister Williamson's last
full day here in Casper and it was a little heart wrenching to think
that she was leaving me. We had such a good day though. She got to say
goodbye to lots of people, and the Millers took us out for dinner. We
were able to have an awesome lesson with our investigator David. He is
so smart. We finished teaching him the Plan of Salvation, and he had
some really great questions. He's a sweet kid and he has a desire to
be baptized, which is really cool to see. As he asked questions, it
really made me think about how God's plan is so simple. It really is.
He's given us everything that we need in this life to be really and
truly happy. As we live the gospel and strengthen our relationship
with Him, we can have peace and joy in this life and a bright and
faith-filled hope for our future. I love it(: After David, we had a
goodbye ice cream party/lesson with Sister Thompson. And yes, there
was even special ice cream for me. It was fun/sad.

                                                  Sister W and I with Sister Thompson (:

Tuesday was a looooong day. Sister Williamson left around 9 and Sister
Martin didn't get to Casper until 7:30 pm. So Sister Mamea and I were
together all day(: it was super fun. She's so sweet. Once Sis. Martin
got here, we went and visited Chris and Ashlynn. We talked about the
Priesthood. It was so amazing hearing them talk about how the
Priesthood has blessed their lives. There was a really special spirit
as Chris talked about how he baptized his little sister. I am so
thankful for the Priesthood. It really is the power of God. I love
that it can't be used selfishly.
It's helped me at so many times in my life when I've needed comfort,
strength, and guidance, and I can't wait to see the blessings that it
brings to Chris and Ashlynn. 

 We had a really amazing lesson with Aunt Julie this week. We shared
the Mormon Message "The Refiner's Fire" with her and talked about
eternal families. The spirit was so powerful. We invited her to pray
to know if God's plan is true and she teared up and said she would do
it. It was a really cool experience. 

 We had dinner with Bobbi Sue and her family. It was great and I just
love them. We taught them the Restoration, and it was so cool to hear
Bobbi Sue bear testimony of everything, she has just grown so much and
I love seeing how much happier she is now. 

We also had a great lesson
with Brother Hoopes. He has such a light in his eyes now. He talked
about how he hasn't been this happy before, and how he wants his
brother to have that happiness in his life too. He is such a genuinely
good person, I know that his future is going to be full of so much joy
because of the changes that he is making now. Also, we got a new
Bishop! So that was exciting. I'll miss Bishop Geddes but I love
Bishop Gleason, so it works out. 

 This week I have learned a lot. I've especially learned the importance
of patience. I feel like this is something the Lord keeps helping me
refine. I love the people here. And often times, I know how happy they
could be if they would just live the gospel. The Spirit reminds me
that it's not my timing or plan that matters, it's Heavenly Fathers.
One of my favorite quotes is, 

"Patience is a willingness, in a sense,
to watch the unfolding purposes of God with a sense of wonder and awe,
rather than pacing up and down within the cell of our circumstance.
Put another way, too much anxious opening of the oven door and the
cake falls instead of rising. So it is with us. If we are always
selfishly taking our temperature to see if we are happy, we will not
be. It’s discouraging when plans fall through or don’t pan out as
expected. To our mortal minds, divine timing can be hard to
understand. But what I can understand is that God is a loving Father
who has a plan that guarantees eventual happiness if we are faithful,
and I am learning to accept His timing with confidence--not with

I am striving to have more confidence and faith in
God's plan for me and for the people we are serving. I know that as I
learn to humble myself and rely on Him more, things will work out(:

                                                                      Sunrise drive!(:

Another thing I learned this week is that it is indeed possible to
sing/interpretive dance all the way to Fort Collins and back. Sister
Martin and I literally didn't stop the entire time (we had to go down
for MLC). I love Sister Martin so much already. She is seriously a ray
of sunshine. She used to be a missionary in New Zealand, but after
coming home for some health problems, she was reassigned here. She has
two transfers left, and she's from California. She's so full of energy
and we are basically the same person. 

A few funny things that happened
this week: Sister Martin was eating a muffin and was perched on the
arm of her chair, and all of a sudden she falls backwards with this
horrified look on her face (staring at the muffin). She hit the ground
and was like, "Don't worry! I saved the muffin!". And then last night,
we were both laying in bed, and we're both sick right now so we just
couldn't fall asleep. So we decided to jump back and forth between our
beds. It was really fun/probably dangerous because the lights were off
but we thought it was a good idea at the time. Also, we talk to each
other in accents all the time, I'm not sure why, it just sort of
happened. So that's awesome. 

 I love being a missionary. I love my Savior and I love my family. I'm
so thankful for all of you for supporting me and loving me on this
journey, and I want you to know that your prayers are definitely felt.
Have an amazing week! 

 Love, Sister Allen

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 44: "My Comfort Zone" (:

                                             Sister "Dubya" and I having too much fun! (:

Hey everyone(: I hope you all had a great week. This week here in
Casper has been wonderful, but the last couple days have been
bittersweet and full of tears. Sister Williamson is getting
transferred to Johnstown, CO for the last transfer of her mission. I
know that she will do amazing things no matter where she's serving. I
love her so much and am so thankful that the Lord placed her in my
life. She has taught me so much and I will miss her dearly. Saying
goodbye to your best friends is the hardest part of transfers.

As for me, I get another amazing 6 weeks to be here in Casper(: I'm so
happy about that. I love the people here with all my heart and after
the miracles we've seen this week, leaving is the last thing I wanted.
My new companion's name is Sister Martin. I know nothing about her,
but I'm excited. I know there is something I'm supposed to learn from
her, and I am thankful for this chance to change and grow. I know that
the Lord has a plan, and I will go where He wants me to go and be with
whoever He needs me to be with in order to move this marvelous work
forward. I love my Savior.

                                    Sister W ate the cake and I blew out the candle! (:

Monday was SO much fun!(: so many people made my birthday special. We
went hiking with the Ungricht's and then we went out to dinner with
the Miller's. Later that night, we went over and had a lesson with
C___ and A_______. They have both been going through some difficult
things. We talked to them about how praying and reading their
scriptures together will bring them peace and comfort through times of
sorrow. C____ said, "I know that's true, because as soon as you two
walked in the door, I felt better,". I love the spirit(:

                                                            Dinner with the Miller's (: 

 We have an amazing Ward Mission Leader, Bro. Tilley. Our Ward
Coordination meeting on Tuesday was so uplifting and motivating, I
really felt the spirit as we set goals together. I know that the Lord
loves when we set righteous goals in our lives. It shows Him that we
are working towards something, and that we want His divine assistance
in reaching it. I'm thankful for His guidance in all things, and
especially in our meetings. We had an awesome District Meeting too.
Elder Cloward, our District Leader, is getting transferred, and we're
all a little sad. He's done an awesome job here in Casper.
                                               Our District, everyone is leaving me now! 

 We got to see Sister T___________ this week. She is so wonderful. It was
my first time meeting her and she is just the coolest and sweetest
lady. She told me that I looked really familiar. I don't think it's a
coincidence that we met(: I'm excited to share more of the gospel with
her in the coming weeks. We had a great lesson with the S_________'s. We
shared The Family Proclamation with them, and it was really neat. We
saw B_____ S__ and her family as well. The temple is on the horizon for
that amazing family, and it is such a miracle and a blessing to be
able to be a small part in their spiritual journey. I love them. We
also got to see Sister T___________. She is like me and Sister
Williamson's third amigo. We laugh together, we cry together, we share
in the spirit and love of Christ together. It's a true friendship. I'm
thankful for her.

Our lesson with the C_____________'s was so great. They're granddaughter,
S_______________, always sits in on the messages we share. We invited her to
take the lessons for herself, and she said she would love to! So
exciting. She's so cute and really does have a desire to learn. We
were able to teach her how to pray (she's never done it before) and
that was such a special experience. I can't wait to see her grow in
the gospel. 

We also had a very cool opportunity to share the gospel
with someone who doesn't live here in Casper. Her name is L____, and
she is amazing. She knows Aunt Julie (and is dating Sister W's
cousin), and came to dinner at her house while we were there on
Friday. We were able to share the Restoration with her, and the spirit
was powerful. She already has a desire to be baptized and she is so
excited about family history and everything else. She is a miracle.
I'm thankful we got to share our testimonies with her(: I can't wait
to hear what happens with the missionaries in her area. 

 We had an amazing lesson with Brother H___________ this week. He is a
miracle. He has honestly made so many changes in his life over these
last couple months, and you can see it. He has a light in his eyes and
a brighter countenance. He has a joyful smile and when we have lessons
with him, we can tell that he is seeking after he goodness that is in
the gospel of Jesus Christ. He came to church yesterday, and he was
fasting for the spiritual strength he needs to make even more changes.
Seeing him in his suit and tie with a big smile on his face brought
tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to know
him and I can't wait to see where he is five years from now. He is a
spiritual giant.

                                                                     Happy selfie! (: 

 Change is necessary. That's something I've learned in my 21 years of
experience. Something else I've learned is that change isn't easy nor
is it always convenient. But the biggest thing that I've learned about
change is that it is beautiful. It helps us to be better people, with
more chances to rely on the Savior for His comfort, peace, and
strength. I've never really been a person who feels "comfortable".
Maybe it's because I'm kinda awkward, I don't know, I just always felt
out of place. When the gospel became a part of my life, I found my
comfort zone. Not to say that the gospel doesn't drive me to do things
that are ridiculously hard for me (talking to random people,
acknowledging my weaknesses, overcoming sorrow), but I am comfortable
in the love and the divine plan of Jesus Christ. I feel like I belong.
I feel like I am home when I am truly living the gospel. It is the
best feeling in the world. I know that Christ will never ever leave us

 I love you all so much. Have an amazing week! 

 Love, Sister Allen