Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 46: "Let Your Confidence Wax Strong" (:

                                                                  Us with our Sisters!

Hellllloooooooo everyone!(: say that in a Mrs. Doubtfire voice haha. I
hope you all had an awesome week. Our week was full of laughs and
adventures and nose bleeds and baby bunnies and all the other good

We had a great Zone Conference this week with President and Sister
Brown. Something that really stuck out to me was a quote that one of
the assistants shared when they were giving their training. He shared
Ether 12:27, and talked about how the "weakness" that it talks about
is the fact that we are human. We are imperfect. We will make
mistakes. We all have that weakness, but through Jesus Christ, we can
eventually overcome that. We are all progressive beings, and as we
learn from our mistakes and our shortcomings, as we rely on our
Savior, I know that we can grow and become exactly who Christ wants us
to become. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it(:

                                                                       Funny faces (: 

 Also, we got these little black boxes installed in our cars. They are
called Tiwi's. They monitor our driving (speed, rpm, seatbelt, etc)
and report back to President Brown. The voice is absolutely
horrifying, it's the most monotone, heartless sound, but it's kind of
hilarious. We named ours Carl. It's a bit of a love hate relationship.

                                                                    Us with Carl (:

After Zone Conference, we had exchanges with the Lusk sisters. I got
to stay here in Casper with Sister Danz. She is such a sweetheart, and
we had such an awesome time together. We walked to all our
appointments, and we had the opportunity to talk to so many people! We
met this cute lady named Chelsea and her daughter. She said that we
can come and share a message with her. We came home absolutely
exhausted, but it was such a productive day!
                                                                    Me and Sister Danz (: 

 So as many of you know, I've super struggled with confidence pretty
much my whole life. Since I started living the gospel, it's gotten a
lot better, but it's still really hard sometimes. All my companions,
but especially my last three (Sis. Jenson, Williamson, and Martin),
have been such confident and wonderful people, and I have looked up to
them and admired them so much for that. I've been striving to gain
that kind of confidence in myself over these last ten months, and I
know the Lord has been helping me. After we finished our exchange,
Sister Danz said to me,"You are such a confident person. I really
admire you for that,". I was shocked. It was a tender mercy, and it
helped me catch a glimpse of the person that my Heavenly Father is
helping me to become.
                                                                   Exchanging back (: 

 I love exchanges, but I was seriously so happy to be back with Sister
Martin. She is like my twin, or sister, or something like that. We
have so much fun and she is just so positive all the time, which
really helps me out, especially lately. Things haven't been working
out, and sometimes it can get discouraging. We did so many good things
this week, we talked with everyone, we knocked on tons of doors, we
set up appointments and invited members along, and it seemed like
everything fell through. One night, we were sitting on the floor,
exhausted and sweaty (it was like 100000 degrees in our apartment),
and I was feeling pretty down. Sister Martin looked at me and said,
"We had an awesome day today! We accomplished so much, we worked hard.
It's not about the numbers,". I needed that. Sometimes, you may feel
unsuccessful because you spend days, weeks, or months, doing what
you've been called to do and you don't see anything happen. But I know
that the Lord sees that we are trying, and that is exactly what He
expects us to do, to try our best and keep the faith. I love Sister
Martin. I'm thankful for her happiness and her diligence. She's just

                                                                        Happy Face (: 

 We had a great lesson with Bobbi Sue on faith and repentance this
week. We also got to meet her parents and her sister Kimi! It was a
really good experience. I was happy that we got to meet them, so they
could see that we genuinely love and care about the Hoflund family and
we aren't weird and scary haha. We also got to see Peyton and
Elizabeth!! It was so awesome(: we just stopped by and Peyton invited
us in. We shared the Plan of Salvation, and the spirit was so strong.
Elizabeth said that she'll be baptized when she comes to know these
things are true. She is so amazing, I just love her and am so excited
for her to find out for herself. I'm so happy we got to meet with

We had this awesome return sister missionary, Lindsay, come out with
us his week(: she was so happy and bright and bubbly! Mom and dad, she
served with Joy Purnell in Salt Lake!!! Small world right?

Some experiences: Sister Martin has been getting random bloody noses
in the middle of the night, and this morning I woke up and she wasn't
in the room. I walked out into the living room and she was just
sitting there with a bunch of toilet paper shoved up her nose. She was
like, "Well good morning!". Then, the other day, there was this
adorable baby bunny being chased by an evil cat. So I chucked my water
bottle at the cat's head and she saved the baby bunny! We felt heroic.
Oh! We also saw a shooting star!!!(:

So that was our week, it was magical. I love you all and am thankful
for your prayers! Keep smiling, and have a great week! 

 Ofa Lahi Atu Kiate Koe (: 
 Sister Allen 

 PS: Richard and Sheree, I love you both so much and even though I
couldn't be there for your baptism, I hope you know that I was there
in spirit and that I am so excited and happy for both of you!!(: