Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 50: "And We Hugged All Night Cause It's The Best Transfer News Ever" (:

There is sunshine in my soul! (:
This has been such an amazing week(: seriously. I cannot get over how
wonderful God's plan is. He really does know what is best and when we
trust in Him, good things will come, even if we can't see it in the

 This week, we went on exchanges with the Riverton Sisters. I stayed
here with Sister Jensen and it was super fun! I loved getting to know
her and work with her here in Casper. We did service and then went out
and tried to contact some people. As we were walking, I realized that
I left all the cards back at the apartment....we'd walked
pretty far already and I was a little annoyed with myself haha. We
started our trek back to grab the cards and we saw a man outside
grilling. So I walked up and we introduced ourselves. Turns out, he
used to take the lessons and has been to church before! He was so kind
and he said that he wants to meet with us this upcoming week!(: I now
know for a fact that I was supposed to forget those cards so that we
could run into him. God has perfect timing, and if we are willing to
open our mouths and share our light and happiness with others, He will
provide us with lots of opportunities to help brighten other people's

 We had a really awesome District Meeting on virtue this week. It was
powerful. I have such a strong testimony of living virtuously. I
didn't used to live my life that way, and I can remember how empty and
self conscious I felt all the time. I was always seeking approval from
others for how I looked and acted. There is a scripture in Doctrine
and Covenants that describes how I feel now that I am living a pure
life. "Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly, then shall thy
confidence wax strong in the presence of God...and the Holy Ghost
shall be thy constant companion," (D&C 121:45-46). I am so thankful
for the gospel and how it teaches us to respect ourselves and others.
I know that virtue is one of the most important attributes that we can
have in this life. It truly does bring us a joy unlike anything else.
Did I mention that my companion is Justin Bieber? (:
I was super happy to be back with Sister Martin after exchanges. She
is seriously my best friend. We had an awesome dinner and lesson with
the Beddes's (a great family in the ward), and then later that night
Sister Martin shared this story with me called The Pearl Necklace. It
seriously meant so much to me and was exactly what I needed to hear.
If you haven't read it, you should because it's awesome! 

 We had an amazing lesson with the Cadwallader's about the temple this
week. Lindsay came with us and it was awesome. We were able to be bold
but loving at the same time. I know that the temple really is the
house of God, and that it can strengthen us and our families. We are
excited to help the Cadwallader's experience the blessings that are
waiting for them there.
Us making fun of Bobbi Sue's little boy....he loves to show us his "teef" (:
We had some amazing lessons with Bobbi Sue this week. She said the
closing prayer during one of them and it was so sweet. She has such a
genuine heart and I love her so much. I know that the Lord loves and
cares about her and her family, and I know that they will be able to
be sealed someday. A lot of times in life, we set these amazing goals
for ourselves, and we experience a lot of difficulties as we reach
towards the desired results. I know that the Lord sees our efforts and
He will strengthen us to help us take one more step or reach a little
further. He will never leave us alone. I know that He is watching out
for Bobbi Sue, and I am thankful(: 

 So, as many of you know, this transfer was a little crazy and full of
lots of hard things that we didn't expect. Every time something
difficult happened, Sister Martin and I just kept saying that it was
because something awesome was waiting around the corner. Saturday and
Sunday, we finally made it around the corner, and it was miraculous. 

On Saturday, we went and had lunch and a lesson with Kris (Jake's mom)
and Angie and Terrance. Lunch was super fun, and then we talked about
faith and trusting in the Lord. We shared a scripture in Alma 32.
Kris, Angie, and Sister Martin all talked about faith building
experiences that they have had in their lives. We talked about how
faith and trust are intertwined, and how the Lord knows what is best.
As we sat there, the Spirit prompted me to share The Pearl Necklace
story with Angie and Kris. So I pulled it out and started reading. The
spirit was so strong as the story came to a close. We all sat there
for a moment, and then Angie said, "Wow..that was gave me
the chills,". After a few more seconds of silence, Angie started
bawling. She looked at me and said, "That is exactly what I needed to
hear, thank you, thank you so much," and then she pointed to her heart
and said, "He is working in here right now,". I started crying. I felt
the spirit so strong as she spoke to me and I just know that we were
meant to meet Angie. She loved coming to church last week, and she and
Terrance came again this Sunday! She is going to be taking the
missionary discussions here and in Cheyenne as well. We gave her the
Book of Mormon, and she's already started reading it. Angie is a
miracle, and I love her so much.
Me and Happy....not looking so Happy...poor puppy! (:
Later on Saturday night, we had a Ward Dutch Oven activity, and we
invited Becca and Russ to come. And they did! They brought their
family too. Bishop Gleason and so many other awesome members came and
introduced themselves and just really made them feel welcome. I love
our Ward, there are so many wonderful people here. Zach was also at
the party (he came with Brother Ball) and he said that he and Cassie
are excited to start meeting with us! Finally, to top off the amazing
day, at 9:40 pm, Sister Martin and I got a phone call....WE ARE
ran around the apartment and hugged for like twenty minutes. We are
both so happy and I am so excited to see all the amazing things that
happen this upcoming transfer with my best friend(:

My cute companion! (:
In my studies on Saturday morning, I read the talk "Trust In The
Lord," by Elder Richard G. Scott. There was a quote in there that
really stuck out to me. It said, "The Lord will place in your path
packets of spiritual sunlight to brighten your way,". I believe that
is so true.

 I am so thankful for the spiritual sunlight in my life.
This weekend was an extremely bright patch on my mission. God is so
good, I know He loves me, I see that every day in the light that the
gospel brings to my life and through the people He places in my life.

 I hope you all have a bright and happy week! I love you. I pray for
you. And I am thankful for you!

Love, Sister Allen