Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 54: "Just Listen" (:

Martin's Cove (:

Hi everyone(: I hope you all have had a wonderful week and I hope that
this upcoming one is amazing as well. Our week was busy and full of
miracles! Also, this week is Sister Martin's 21st birthday!! It's on
Tuesday and I'm so excited to celebrate the birth of my very bestest

"Lizard faces" (:

We had a great preparation day on Monday! Lindsay took us to Martin's
Cove and we had a blast. We walked over to Devil's Gate and we took a
tour of the Visitor's Center, guided by this adorable and sassy Senior
Sister (Sister McRae). She was hilarious and she had her hair in
pigtails. I want to be like her when I'm older.

"Martin's Cove with these two lovely ladies!"

We had a really awesome exchange with the Riverton Sisters. I got to
stay here in Casper with Sister Barlocker. She is honestly one of the
sweetest humans I've had the opportunity of meeting, and I'm so
thankful that we got to spend 24 hours together. I can honestly say
that I love her so much! We had a really fantastic day. We went with
Lindsay to go contact some referrals that we received from the
Babcock's (this adorable family in the ward). Neither of them were
home, but we saw these two girls standing outside, and then there was
a man standing across the street. We started walking towards the two
girls, but the Spirit prompted me to go towards the man across the
street instead. So we walked over and introduced ourselves to James(:
he is so cool. We were able to have a very spiritual discussion about
how God really is our Heavenly Father, how He knows us and our
circumstances perfectly, and how His gospel can bring us and our
families the most happiness in this life. We talked a lot about faith,
and how God never gives up on us, we just have to exercise the
"particle of faith" within our hearts. He asked me a lot about how I
found my faith. I love bearing my testimony of the infinite Atonement
of the Savior. James agreed to have us over to teach his whole family
this upcoming Wednesday and he even let us say a closing prayer on his
driveway(: I'm so thankful for the Spirit.

We stopped by and saw Peyton and Elizabeth. We just dropped in to say
hi, but we ended up talking for a long time. We set up an appointment
for Monday, and left them with a prayer. After we drove away,
Elizabeth sent the sweetest text message, telling us she loves the
happy feeling we bring in their home. I love the spirit and I love
Elizabeth. I'm so thankful for her(:
"Exchanges with Sister Barlocker" (:

Sister Barlocker and I had a very spiritual companionship study before
we exchanged back. I felt like I should ask her how she gained her
testimony and her faith in Jesus Christ. As she bore her witness of
God's love, His timing, and His plan for her and her family, I felt
the spirit so strongly and it was wonderful. I am so grateful that she
was willing to share her testimony with me, because it strengthened
mine immensely(:

We met with the Cadwallader's, and it was great! Also, Cassie and Zach
came to church! It was a really amazing testimony meeting. We were
able to have a lesson with them afterwards and we read from 3 Nephi
11. It was really awesome seeing them make the connections between the
Book of Mormon and the Bible. I have faith that they will come to know
the truth for themselves in time, and it will be amazing!

This week, like most weeks, has been full of some of the highest highs
and some of the lowest lows. I know that trials, no matter what they
may be, really do bring us closer to our Savior. He suffered the same
temptations we do, the same setbacks and heartaches, but He was
perfect. And I know that He wasn't just perfect because He is the Son
of God, He was perfect because He chose to be perfect. I know that we,
in our very human state, are always going to make mistakes. I'm
thankful for the grace and mercy and patience of our Heavenly Father.
As Kim B. Clark said, "We do not have to be perfect, but we have to be
good and getting better,".

The gospel makes us better in every aspect of our lives. It's made me
a better sister, a better friend, a better daughter, and a better
disciple. It's changed the way I see people, the way I treat people,
and the way I treat myself. I know that I can continue to change, we
all can, but we can't just sit by and wish for those changes. We have
to go and do. And it all starts with being willing to humble ourselves
and listen to the counsel of our leaders, our loved ones, and most
importantly, our Father in Heaven. I know that if we follow His will
for us, we will never be led astray. And that is a knowledge that I am
eternally thankful for.

I love you all so much!(: thank you for your prayers and your
encouraging words/advice. It means more to me than you will ever know!

Love, Sister Allen