Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 56: "An Answer To My Prayers" (:

"My wonderful companion...I LOVE HER <3"
Okay everyone, I'm going to try my best to put into words the amount
of gratitude that is in my heart this week, but it might all just come
out like a jumbled emotional mess, so I apologize in advance if this
makes 0% sense haha(: 

 So, for the past few transfers of my mission, I have been seeking how
to be a better missionary and a better person. The answer that I've
always received is to be exactly obedient to my Heavenly Father's
commandments, not because I have to be, but because I want to be.
Sometimes, people might make you think that keeping God's commandments
isn't the "cool" thing to do. They'll tell you that living another way
is more fun or fulfilling. I can honestly say that that's so far from

Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience, with a humble
and willing heart, brings miracles. I've been spending the last few
months doing some self-evaluation, weeding out the parts of me that
are contrary to what the Lord wants and needs, and striving to be
better. I've seen direct blessings and miracles in my life as a result
of this. It's been humbling and hard, but so worth it. All I want, not
just for my mission but for my life, is to do the Lord's work with a
happy heart and willing hands. I want to work hard and do exactly what
He needs done. I haven't met anyone who feels as strongly as I do
about that until Sister Tahere, she is an answer to my prayers.

"Last day with Sister Martin.... :("
We got a phone call on Tuesday saying that Sister Martin would be
leaving on Thursday for Colorado and finishing her mission out there.
It was so hard to say goodbye to her :( but I have so much love for
her. I know we'll always be best friends, and that her hilarious and
wonderful self will continue to bless so many lives back home. She's
amazing and I miss her and can't believe she goes home tomorrow! 

 Sister Tahere and I have had so many conversations about what we want.
We both determined that the thing we want the most is to follow the
Lord's commandments with exactness so that we can show Him just how
much we love Him(: this Sister truly is my kindred spirit. We are on
the same page with everything, and we are so excited to spend the next
six weeks together. Oh yeah, I'm staying in Casper for six more weeks!
Yay! I love my companion, the people here, and the area itself. I just
love life(: 

 We had an amazing lesson with Becca, Russ, and Conner this week. We
taught about the Plan of Salvation, and the spirit guided the lesson.
When baptism was brought up, Conner asked us how to be baptized. We
explained it to him, and he said, "I want to get baptized!! Can we go
to the river tomorrow??" Hahaha(: we invited Russ and Conner to enter
into that covenant with Heavenly Father and they both said yes. They
will be getting baptized on the 21st of November! Becca looked so
happy for both of them(: we had a kneeling family prayer and it was
amazing. They all came to church yesterday and they really felt the
spirit. I am so thankful for Heavenly Father. His timing is

 Bobbi Sue. I have so much love for that woman and her sweet family. We
had a few amazing lessons with them this week. They are so awesome,
and they came to church yesterday as well! She's been so sick
because...she's pregnant! So exciting! But it's been really hard for
her. On Saturday, she told us that the spirit told her she needed to
be at church. And she came and it was awesome. Devlan (her son) sang
in the primary program. He loves the song "Follow the Prophet", and he
was standing up there marching and smiling as he sang. So cute haha.

"My two best buddies!"
So remember Robert and Kendra who we kept trying to get in touch with
again? Well, Sister Martin was on exchanges last week with Sister
Conger, and they went and tried them. They said they would love to
meet with the missionaries again. We had an appointment with them on
Sunday night and Sister Tilley, this amazing member in our Ward, came
with us. Oh. My. Goodness. It was one of the most powerful lessons of
my life. They are so prepared. Once again, timing is everything.
Sister Tilley bore such a strong testimony of the Restoration, we all
felt the spirit as she spoke. We invited them to be baptized on the
28th of November and Robert got so pumped and said, "Yeah! Let's do
this!". As we were walking outside, he looked over to me and said,
"Thank you for never giving up on us and being persistent. We
cancelled on you so many times in the past and shut the door in your
face and you always kept coming back. Thank you so much for doing
that,". I was able to tell them that God is the one that never gives
up on people and that I know that because He never gave up on me, and
that He was the one who directed Sister Martin to their house that
day. I am incredibly thankful for the spirit of the Lord. 

 We also have a new investigator! Jessica, the lady who we talked to in
her front yard last week(: we had a really amazing lesson with her.
She and I have had very similar life experiences, and the Lord really
testified to me that we were meant to find her and help her(: I love
her so much already.
"as you can see....I NEVER take this jacket off...haha!"
So long story short, God is good. He directs this work. We are His
 I am happy. So so so happy. I love the Lord and I love
this gospel. It's all true. I know it's true. 

 I love all of you. I hope you have an amazing week(: 

 Love, Sister Allen(: