Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 57: "Be Someone's Ruth"(:

Hi everyone!(: this week has been crazy busy and so wonderful. I'm so
happy to be here in Casper serving with Sister Tahere. I'm so thankful
to be surrounded by so many amazing people and I'm grateful for the
chance God has given me to love and get to know them(:

 Okay, so Robert and Kendra came to church yesterday! So awesome. They
surprised us because they didn't even tell us they were coming. It was
so good to see them there and I just know that they are so loved by
Heavenly Father, I could definitely feel that love as we sat next to
them. I know that they'll continue to receive answers to their
questions as they come to church. 

 We had some really amazing lessons this week. Brittany, this hilarious
and awesome member in the ward, came with us to a couple of them. We
got to see Elizabeth. We had a great lesson about the commandments and
why Heavenly Father has given them to us. I felt really prompted to
share the Pearl Story with her, and when we got to the part where it
talks about the little girl giving up the thing she loves the most and
receiving something greater in return, Elizabeth's face softened and
we all felt the spirit really strong. She is so wonderful, and I love
her so much. She wants to take the necessary steps to make God a
bigger part of her life, and I think that's amazing. Brittany was bold
and testified powerfully, I look up to her a lot for that. We also got
to meet with Becca, Russ, and Conner. They are so great, and Conner is
so excited to be baptized. He said that he's been praying at school
and he said a very powerful prayer at the end of our lesson, "Heavenly
Father, please help me not to have the desire to do bad things, help
me to be good and on the right path, and please help Sister Allen to
come visit us after her mission,". That last part especially melted my
heart(: He has an old soul, he's been through a lot and he is really
taking the lessons seriously, it's an amazing thing to see. We gave
him his own personal Book of Mormon and he was like, "I'm going to
read a lot of this tonight!". It was so cute. Becca's son, Robbie,
also wants to be baptized, so we are going to be teaching him as well

Okay so as a missionary, you rarely ever get phone calls from people
saying they want to meet with you. On Wednesday, we decided to go
contact people in the morning. No one was home and it was freezing,
but we felt like we should just keep walking. As we did, this lady
pulled over in her car to talk to us. Her name is Laura and she lost
her dogs. I had seen one of them a while back and told her where, and
then we gave her our number and she got ours so she could call us when
she found them. She called us later and said she found them and we
were so happy for her! We asked if there was anything else we could do
for her and talked for a little and then hung up. A few hours later,
we had a voicemail. It was Laura! She said, "I was so impressed with
you ladies, I would love to sit down and have lunch and talk
sometime,". So cool!!! We are meeting with her this week. I know the
spirit touched her heart, I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost and its
ability to motivate people to act.

"My cute companion with Cash and Dev!" (:
That same day, we were walking down the street and I felt really
prompted to knock on this door. So we did, and we met Jennifer. She
let us in right away and we were able to share a message with her.
We're going back to see her this week(: Yesterday, I felt like we
should go see Zoey, a potential investigator. We went, and we met her
husband Ryan. He is so nice! We felt the spirit so strong as we talked
with him and he invited us to come back and teach them today! Then
Sister Tahere felt like we should go see this less active named Eric,
and he is so awesome and said we can come teach him on Tuesday!!!
Miracles. I know that as we strive to listen to and follow the
promptings of the spirit, we will recognize and feel it more
frequently. I'm so thankful for its guidance in this work. 

 In Relief Society, we learned about Ruth and Naomi. As we talked about
the selfless service that Ruth gave to her mother-in-law, I thought
about all the people in my life who have been "Ruth"'s for me,
especially recently. I'm so thankful for the love that everyone back
home showed me as I worked to return to activity in the gospel, people
who were and still are my true friends, not just "fellowshippers". The
people here in Casper who have been here for me during all the health
issues I've been having lately, who are my true friends, not just
people in the ward who feel obligated to help the missionaries. I
don't like having to be "Naomi". I like to do things myself and I
don't really like asking for help, however, I know that there are
times where we need to humble ourselves and allow people to be our
Ruth. It blesses us and it blesses those who serve us. I know that
when you lose yourself in the service and loving of others, you find
yourself, because there is so much more of yourself to find. Service
makes us better, brighter, happier people. Even if that service is
just a simple hug or a smile(:

"Friends" (:
In conclusion, I'd like to invite all of you to look for ways to be
someone's Ruth this week(: or maybe, humble yourself enough to be
someone's Naomi. Either way, I promise the blessings and the joy that
will come will be amazing(: I love you all, I know this gospel is
true, and I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and Heavenly
Mother. I've felt her love a lot this week(: 

 Love, Sister Allen