Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 58: "He Will Bless You" (:

Hey everyone!(: Alright, so much has happened this week, I don't
really even know where to start. I'm so thankful to my Heavenly
Father, He truly is pouring out miracles here and I feel so humbled
and thankful to be around to witness it and be a part of it. 

 So, super embarrassing/kinda hilarious story. With my health stuff
that I have going on, I get these random moments where I have super
intense stomach pains and vertigo and it usually ends with me getting
sick. Well, we were on exchanges on Friday/Saturday. I was with Sister
Conger in Wheatland. All day Saturday I wasn't feeling so great, but I
just shrugged it off. We got to our last appointment of the night, and
as we were sitting in the persons home, my stomach and I weren't
getting along so well. Needless to say, I got sick at some random
persons house in Wheatland, Wyoming. I was mortified. But Sister
Conger was a trooper and totally distracted them for me. 

Then, I had
the two hour drive back to Casper. I was already sort of stressed
because of the cute deer that always seem to walk in front of our car,
and basically running on no sleep and sick. The whole drive was pretty
much a "Jesus take the wheel" moment (just kidding mom). But really
though, I know that we got home safely thanks to some divine help.

 In my blessing I got last week, I was told that I "will be blessed 100
times more than what I have sacrificed". I am definitely seeing that.
The Lord and His timing never cease to amaze me. We decided to do some
tracting one day. Sister Tahere asked me what my favorite number was.
I told her 13. We tried to contact some referrals but they weren't
home, and then as we were turning around, I saw house 13! So we walked
over and knocked on the door and we met Hannah(: she's so wonderful.
We are pretty much the same person. She's a naturalist, and she's a
vegan too and she's awkward in the best way possible. So yeah.
Basically we were meant to meet each other. We had an awesome first
lesson with her, and she's going to start reading the Book of Mormon
and praying. Later, Sister Tahere asked me where we should go, and
Dahlia Street had been in my head all day so we went there. I was
driving and then all of a sudden I just stopped in front of this one
house and felt like we should knock. So we did. The lady who answered
(Cherelynn) was a lady I met in Joshua's earlier that day! I couldn't
believe it. We had a great first lesson, and she told us she knows
that this is a sign from God that her life needs to change. So cool(:
the spirit totally directs this work, I know that for sure.

"I love this family!" (:

"Robert, Kendra, Sister Tahere, Lexi and Me!" (:
Okay, so Kendra and Robert. Wow. We had some very powerful experiences
with them this week. We taught the Plan of Salvation one night, and
when we got to the part about the Atonement we both bore testimony of
Christ's grace and His ability to help lift our burdens. I shared my
favorite verses in Mosiah 24. The spirit was just so wonderful and
Robert and actually, all of us, shed tears of joy. It was
so awesome. Later in the week, we had another lesson scheduled and we
came over. Robert wasn't feeling good, but we got to meet their
awesome daughter Lexi and have a lesson with her and Kendra. 

There are moments on your mission where you know without a doubt that you were
meant to meet someone, and that is how it felt when I met Lexi. We've
had some similar life experiences, and I just felt this instant
connection. I know God placed her in my path for a reason; no
coincidences right?(: anyways, we taught the beginning of the Gospel
of Jesus Christ, and it was amazing. We all felt the spirit really
strong, and we shared the video "The Hope of God's Light". After the
lesson, Lexi and I hugged for a long time, and it felt so familiar and
was full of love. I can honestly say that this lesson and experience
was one of the most powerful things that has ever happened on my
mission. I'm so thankful(: 

 Robert and Kendra came to church and had a great time! We had another
lesson with them and Lexi later. They are all progressing towards
baptism together as a family now(: the spirit totally prompted me to
invite Lexi and I'm just so happy for her and for her parents and I
can't totally express the amount of joy in my heart right now. It's
"full to bursting" as the scriptures would say(: 

There were a lot more really amazing experiences that happened this
week, but I'm going to cut myself off there. I want you all to know
that I love this gospel with all my heart. I know it's true, there is
no doubt in my heart or mind that it's true. I know that the Atonement
of Jesus Christ is what has made all of this possible. His love is
sufficient, His mercy and His grace is real and it is accessible, all
that we have to do is ask. He has felt every pain, sorrow, annoyance,
hardship, and loss that we will ever experience. He is a fully
comprehending Savior, and He has overcome it all. He can help us to be
"overcomers" too(: I know that He is helping me every single day. This
isn't "my mission", it's His mission. I love Him so much. I love my
companion, I love this area, I love all the amazing people that I have
met and continue to meet every day. And I love each and every one of
you. And God does too(:
So feel happy, stay positive, and when you feel hurt or downtrodden,
please know that you have the Savior and Redeemer of the world
cheering you on and waiting to pick you back up again(: you just have
to let Him. Something I realized this week is that Christ invites us
to "become as He is,". I know the Savior would never invite us to do
something that's impossible. With His help and our willingness, we can
become like our Savior someday. Little by little, it is definitely

Have a great week!!! 
 Love, Sister Allen