Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 63: "Love Like He Does" (:

Hello everyone!!(: I'm so exhausted right now, but so incredibly
happy. This week was packed full of wonderful things and I'm so
grateful to Heavenly Father for helping us stay busy and productive.

We had some amazing lessons with Robert and Kendra this week, as per
usual. They are just so awesome. I wish everyone in the world could
meet them, because they enrich and bless each life that they are a
part of. They have definitely done that for mine. We taught them about
family history, and it was a really sacred experience. Robert's dad
passed away, and he is so excited to help him receive the blessings of
the gospel(: I love that our Heavenly Father's plan is so merciful,
that we always have a chance to change. I love being a missionary
because I get to witness people change their lives through the
Atonement and the grace of our Savior. I am so grateful for the
changes Robert and Kendra have made(: we get to spend our P day with
Kendra today and it's going to be super fun! Also, Kendra and Robert
are already being missionaries. Kendra basically shared the message of
the Restoration with her parents, and Robert is handing out copies of
the Book of Mormon while he's gone on business trips during the week.
They are such cool humans(:

We got to do lots of finding this week! We were going to contact
someone and she wasn't home, so we went to get back in the car. Then I
just felt like we should go knock this door with pumpkins outside of
it. So we did, and we met Matt(: he has super cool hair and he is
awesome. He is searching for truth in his life. He hasn't practiced
any kind of religion for a long time because he felt forced into it
when he was young. We invited him to learn more about God's plan for
him and he agreed. I'm so stoked for him! I know that it's so
important to come to know the truth of things for yourself. The
choices I made in my life before I knew God was really there weren't
good, but I am grateful for the mistakes and the trials because they
helped me come to know the truth, and that is something I cherish so
much now. My parents really tried to help me understand it, but we
each have to find out for ourselves eventually. I love being able to
meet people who are searching, and helping them to come to realize
that God loves them before they have to go through lots of heartache,
and I hope we can do that for Matt.

Us with Eric! (:

We had a couple great lessons with Eric this week. He looks so much
happier than he did when we first met him. He even brought his friend
to sit in on one of our lessons! So awesome. He also got us a huge box
of 78 chocolates, which Sister Tahere has really been loving haha(:

We met a less active named Kristine, and she's so sweet. We're going
to be helping her with a service project of gathering materials to put
together bags for the homeless this Christmas. When we were over there
visiting with her, she opened up so much about how she is ready to
change her life, but feeling like it's too late. We were able to
testify that it is never too late to use Christ's Atonement. I know
that there is so much hope for her and her families future, and
reaching out for help is the first step towards achieving a happier,
more Christ centered life(:

We had a great lesson with Brother Hoopes and Kris. It was really nice
to teach him again after he's been gone for so long. He has such a
kind hearted spirit and he really has changed so much. I'm excited to
see the miracles that prayer and scripture study work in his life as
he's away working again this month.
Us with Bev and Errol! (:

Bev and Errol are as wonderful as ever. They are just so sweet and
Errol is really looking for answers. He's been studying and he even
said the closing prayer in our lesson! He wrote letters for Sister
Tahere and I. They were so sweet, it was basically a recap of our
conversion stories that we shared with him and how they made him feel.
I love Bev and Errol so much, they make my heart happy.

Christmas Devotional! (:
We had our Christmas devotional this week, and it was great. President
Brown had us all share our testimonies and it was a really neat
experience to have with all the great missionaries in our zone. He
surprised me when he was like, "Sister Allen, will you start us off?".
I don't even remember what I said, but I felt so good afterwards(: I
also got to share my testimony in 4th and 6th Ward yesterday. I know
that as we share a part of ourselves, we grow. My testimony and
conversion have grown so much more as I've been sharing it with

Our stake performed Handel's Messiah last night. It was really
wonderful, and Bev, Errol, Robert, and Eric all came. It was so fun! I
love the eternal friendships that my mission has blessed me with.

I know that this gospel is true, with all my heart. Nothing in this
world has ever made me so incredibly happy. Hard times still come, and
I'm still an imperfect human, but I'm a happy imperfect human(: and
that's what matters. I am so thankful for the peace and understanding
that the gospel brings. I know that God is so aware of us and that His
plan for us is perfect. I know that our Savior suffers with us. I know
that He chose to do what He did because He loves us perfectly.

As I've been learning more about Jesus Christ and His nature, I've
come to realize why He was able to be perfect. It's because He loved
perfectly. When you love perfectly, you aren't prideful, or jealous,
or angry, or selfish. You live your life in the service and privilege
of loving others. That's what He did, and that's what I want to do,

I love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful week!(:

Love, Sister Allen