Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 64: "Strep throat, stomach scope, and the best Christmas gift EVER(:‏"

Hello everyone!(: this week has been so crazy! Full of lots of
interesting and unexpected stuff and things.

So Monday, I went in for my stomach scope thing. They gave me these
drugs that were pretty intense and I talked to antelope on the way
home from the doctors office apparently haha. All is well and
everything with my health is slowly getting figured out, thanks to
everyone who has been praying for me(: they have definitely helped.
I'm grateful for the capable doctors and people God has placed in my
life at this time to help me have a healthier mindset towards my life.
I know that He loves me and is refining me in the best ways out here(:

I got strep throat and a sinus virus thingy on Thursday, which has
been lots of fun (jokes). But it's okay, I know that there's a reason.
Heavenly Father's plan is always so perfect, although I have to say,
being quarantined for 24 hours is a very difficult thing as a
missionary. I'm grateful for my companion for being so patient with
all of it. The huge miracle? She hasn't gotten sick(: blessings.

We had some great lessons with Bev and Errol this week(: they are the
most adorable humans. They wrote their yearly Christmas newsletter
that they send to all of their friends. They gave us a copy, and the
last paragraph is about Sister Tahere and I coming over and sharing
the gospel with them. So sweet! Bev had been trying to get Errol to
read the Bible for ages, and now hey are reading the Bible and the
Book of Mormon, together(: they are praying together too. It has been
so awesome to see their progression. They came to the Christmas
program at church yesterday and loved it. I know they are very special
to Heavenly Father, every time we are with them I just feel that so

Robert and Kendra are doing amazing. Robert received the Priesthood
yesterday, and he and Kendra were absolutely glowing. These people are
two of the strongest souls I've ever met. They have come from 20 years
of heartache, and in a month, they have made the changes necessary to
faithfully follow in the footsteps of our Savior. They inspire me so
much, and their excitement for the gospel is contagious! I can't wait
for them to be sealed next year(:

We saw Bobbi Sue this week!!! It was such a happy day. I love that
woman with all of my heart. I would do anything for her. We had a
great discussion with her and Brother Hoflund on grace. It was
powerful. The next day, she texted us and said that she loved us, and
that they said family prayer and Cash said she was a good mom and it
was exactly what she needed to hear(:

Yesterday, we had a very spiritual experience with our Ward Mission
Leader, Brother Tilley. I love that man and his sweet wife so much.
And their kids. They are like family to me and I can trust them with
anything. Life can be really hard sometimes, because we can do a
million things right, and then when one wrong thing happens, we tend
to focus way more on that then on the good. Brother Tilley shared his
testimony and words of comfort with me. I know he spoke by the spirit,
and it brought tears to my eyes. I know the Lord is happy with my
service here, and He knows where my heart is. I make mistakes every
day, and I don't do everything perfectly right all the time, but I'm
striving. I'm so grateful that Brother Tilley shared what he did,
because it's changed my perspective in a very life changing way.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of my
Savior this week. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with my whole heart. He
has changed, healed, redeemed, and molded me in the best possible
ways. He forgives me every day, He lends me His strength every hour,
and I know that He is with me, and with each one of us, all the time.
Because of Him, we can receive the sweetest peace. We can feel joy, we
can overcome any sorrow. Because He chose to come to earth, to walk
the road of mortality and suffer every pain and temptation and
heartache, we can become more than what we are today. We can become
like Him(: we just have to live like He does, love like He does, and
trust in His ways(:

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and that you all reflect on
the little baby in Bethlehem who made all of this possible(: I love

Merry ChristmasChristmas tree

Sister Allen