Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 68: "The Last Melon" (:

Well, this week was wonderful and sad and fantastic and depressing.
Basically, just picture the scene off of the movie Tangled where she's
going through the roller coaster of emotions, and that is an accurate
depiction of the current situation.

We got transfer news on Saturday, and I'm going to be going to
Cheyenne to train a new Sister Training Leader named Sister Jenks!(:
I've never met her, but I'm really excited to get to know her and
learn from her. I have a feeling that the Lord has a lot of growth
planned for me this transfer and I can't wait!

That being said, leaving Casper is one of the hardest things I have
ever had to do. Honestly, it's worse than leaving home. Because for
the last 9 months of my mission, I've poured my heart and soul into
the relationships with the people here and into the area itself. And
in the process, I have changed and been molded by Heavenly Father.
Some of my toughest personal battles have been fought in this town,
and because of the Savior, I've been able to overcome them(: so many
memories and spiritual experiences are tied to this place, and I will
never ever forget them. President Thomas S. Monson quoted a poet in
one of his talks and said, "God gave us memories, that we might have
June roses in the December of our lives,". Casper is going to be my
June roses. The people I have come to love in such a deep way, the
growth that has occurred, the places I've gotten to adventure to, I
won't ever forget it. And I know that the memories of this beautiful
place will help me get through my Decembers. For that I am forever

Also, leaving Sister Tahere is something that I'm really dreading. I
have learned so much from this valiant servant of the Lord. She has
taught me so much in such a short period of time and she is someone
who I can trust completely. She's helped me grow in the best ways. I
love her and I know she will continue to bless so many lives here.

We experienced a lot of miracles this week. Heavenly Father is so
wonderful in every way. I'm going to tell you about five of my
favorite things that He did this week.

1. He has been softening Brother Lien's heart in a very noticeable and
beautiful way. Every time we go over, he is happier than the time we
went before. He has changed so much in this short six weeks, and it
has been so wonderful to see. The Holy Ghost is the best.

2. He let me go on an amazing exchange with Sister Barlocker. She's
serving in Riverton, and she is honestly the sweetest and most
adorable human being. We went and knocked a ton of doors and it was so
much fun! We had a lot of awkward and hilarious experiences (having
people show up at their door right as we were knocking, meeting a man
who we thought was a monk, but really he was just an old bearded guy
wrapped in a snuggie, and having a cat go to the bathroom while
sitting in Sister Barlocker's lap in the middle of a very spiritual
lesson). I really love that Sister, and I'm going to miss being her
Sister Training Leader.

3. He allowed us to have a very powerful lesson with Bobbi Sue.
Honestly, my heart is so full of love for that woman and her family. I
would do anything for them. We had a lesson on the importance of the
Sabbath day. Feeling the Spirit teaching through you is one of the
greatest feelings in the world, and I know that the Lord gave me the
words to say to truly convey how much this families' eternal life
means to me. It was a moment I won't ever forget because of the way it
felt. Bobbi Sue's whole family came to church yesterday, and loved
it(: I am so happy for them.

4. He introduced us to Tim!(: who is such a wonderful human being.
He's had a hard life. He's a former investigator in 4th Ward, and he
has come to church three weeks in a row now. We had a powerful first
lesson with him, and he agreed to be baptized in February!(: I can't
wait to hear about his progression. I know the Lord loves him very
much and sees that he is trying to come back to Him.

5. He gave me a chance to say goodbye to some people that I love so
dearly. I can't possibly count them all, but the hugs, the tears, and
the absolute joy He has sent to me is unbelievable. I feel such a
peace about leaving Casper, because I know the friendships that have
been formed here are eternal. One certain goodbye that meant a lot to
me was Abby. She has become one of my best friends. She's 16 and she
has come to so many lessons with us and goes tracting with us all the
time. I know she's one of the people that the Lord sent me to Casper
for, and vice versa. I needed her and she needed us, and it's a
beautiful thing when that happens(: I'm going to miss her very much.
She is my ohana(:

So, long story short, I love my Heavenly Father. From the moment I
said at first real and heartfelt prayer, from the second I felt His
love and His Spirit, I knew my life was going to change, and it has.
In the best most wonderful way possible. He is so good, and He knows
me so well. I love that He lets us talk to Him. I know that prayer is
the greatest way to come to know God, because it is one on one
communication with Him. It allows us to have personal experiences and
receive personal answers from the one Being who knows exactly what we
are going through and exactly how to help us. I am thankful that He
continues to answer my prayers in the way that is best for me, and I
know that He will do that for all of us. We just have to ask Him, talk
to Him, and trust in Him.

I love you all so much(: Have the best week ever!

Arohanui que! Xx

Sister Allen