Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 69: "He's Pretty Great" (:

Beautiful Cheyenne! :)

Hello everybody!(: I am so so so happy and can't wait to tell you all
about this week. Let me start by saying, Heavenly Father is SO good to
us. Each of us. I'm starting the Book of Mormon over again (I have a
goal to finish it before the end of my mission) and I was reading in 1
Nephi today. The very first verse says, "...having seen many
afflictions in the course of my days, nevertheless, having been highly
favored of the Lord in all my days; yea, having had a great knowledge
of the goodness and the mysteries of God...". This life isn't easy.
I'm sure that each of us can relate to Nephi because each of us has
had individual afflictions. One thing that I know for sure is that the
Lord is good to us, and there is always hope when we trust in Jesus
Christ. In Psalms 119 verse 105, it says, "Thy word is a lamp unto my
feet, and a light unto my path,". Things will work out, it will get
better, and we can move forward. We have the Redeemer of the World
directing our path, and when we look to Him with steadfastness, His
light will illuminate the way before us. We are not our trials or our
mistakes, and how great is the goodness of our Savior for being
willing to make that possible(: okay, now that my rant is over, let me
tell you about this week of miracles(:

I LOVE Sister Jenks. Not only is she super adorable and kind and
loving, but she is a great missionary. We have so much in common, it
kind of freaks us out sometimes haha. I feel like I've known her
forever. And also, this Ward is amazing. I really love the people here
and am grateful for the chance to serve them and serve with them.

 We started teaching this amazing family named the Crane's this week.
Neither of them are members and they have four cute little kiddos. We
had a very powerful first lesson with them on the Plan of Salvation.
Brother Crane has felt the pain of losing someone close, and the
knowledge that it's possible to see them again brought a light into
his eyes that wasn't there when we first shook his hand that night.
The next time we went back, there was a happier feeling in their home.
They said that they had started doing family prayers together(: my
heart is so full of love for their family and we are so excited to
continue to see the miracles that come into their lives.

We also taught this couple named the Beck's(: the funny thing? They
are Brother Crane's parents. Sister Beck is a member, but hasn't been
active for a long time, and Brother Beck isn't a member...."yet"
(that's what he told me when I met him haha). They have both been
reading in the Book of Mormon, so exciting! We had an awesome lesson
on the Word of Wisdom. When we got to the part about coffee, Sister
Beck explained that we didn't want to be around her in the morning if
she hadn't had her coffee. We were both able to bear strong testimony
that the Lord knows what is best for our bodies because they are gifts
that He has given to us, and that if He says we don't need something,
then we really don't. Fast forward to Sunday, the Beck's are at
church. They had to go home early though because Sister Beck had a
headache....from not drinking coffee!(: I was so excited to hear that,
I jumped up and down and gave her a big hug haha. She said that it was
awesome because she felt totally fine during Sacrament Meeting.
Blessings!! We are so proud of both of them for giving into the Spirit
and the counsel of our Heavenly Father. 

 We had a really cool experience in the middle of nowhere (because our
area is HUGE). We were going to contact someone, and the house looked
like it was being reconstructed, but we decided to knock on the door
anyways. One of the construction workers answered and said he wasn't
interested. As we walked back to the car, a different man came to the
door and yelled, "God bless you both! Have a great day,". So of
course, we ran back to talk to the nice man haha. He said we can start
teaching his family!(: we are so excited.

So last week, I was praying about how to be a better missionary this
transfer than I was last transfer. The Holy Ghost taught me that I
need to help people have more personal experiences with the Savior. So
I prayed and asked how to do that. We had an amazing missionary
conference that the apostles broadcast across the world to all the
missionaries serving right now. It's the first time they've done that
in 20 years! It was amazing, and I received so much inspiration from
it(: the Spirit hit me like a ton of bricks with an answer to my
question. "Kneel down and pray with the people you teach, always,".
Since then, every single lesson we've had, we have closed with a
kneeling prayer. The Spirit has been such a sweet and peaceful feeling
every time we have, and it has been amazing(:

 I love the Lord and His
guidance and direction in our lives. How grateful I am to get specific
and direct answers from a God who loves me better than anyone ever
could. I know that He will give us all the answers that we need as we
seek His divine direction. 

 I love you all and hope you have the most fantastic week ever! 
 Love, Sister Allen