Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 77: "Just Do It!"(:

on the
way to church(:
Hello beautiful people!(: I have to say, I'm just super happy right
now. The sun is shining, the tank is clean (Finding Nemo reference,
just in case some of you don't know), and life is wonderful. I love
being a missionary, I love my sweet companion/kindred spirit Sister
Larson, and I'm so grateful for the miracles that the Lord is pouring
down on the people of Wellington!

We had Zone Conference this week. So awesome to see lots of people
that I love, especially Sister Tahere, Sister Malekamu, and President
and Sister Brown(: Sister Larson and I got asked to do a musical
number and we sang "The Lord Is My Shepherd" together and it was so
fun(: and then I was asked to give my departing testimony. I prayed a
lot before it was my turn that the Lord would just give me the words
that He needed me to say. I can't remember what I said, but I remember
what I felt. I love my Savior so much, and I'm so grateful that I get
to wear His name above my heart all day, every day. He has done so
much for me. I know that once my mission ends, my discipleship
continues, and I can't wait to keep sharing this with God's children
and the people I love.
me and my lovely Sisters(:
We went on exchanges with our STL's, and I stayed here with Hermana
Warner. I learned so much from her (actually, from the Spirit through
her example). Something I'm focusing on right now because of the
exchange is using the Book of Mormon to share scriptures when we knock
on people's doors. The Book of Mormon testifies of the Savior on every
single page. It brings a spirit and a light into any situation, and
it's such a huge blessing that we have it today. We got to teach
Olga's family again, and this time, her husband Joseph sat in on the
lesson. As we spoke about baptism he said, "You know, I've been
feeling like I might need to be re-baptized, something just didn't
feel right about mine. I'll read this book and pray about it, if it
feels right then I'll be baptized,". So awesome! Their family has
really been struggling, but through the power of prayer, hymns, and
the scriptures, we were able to have some powerful experiences with
them this week.

The Church just came out with the #Hallelujah Video, and oh my
goodness it is wonderful. We have had the chance to find four new
people to teach because of the hope and the light that this video
brings. One of them is an adorable girl named Jamie. I really felt
like we should knock on the door of this one house before we went to
our dinner appointment, so we did. Jamie answered and was happy to see
us (this is a big deal you guys!). We asked if we could share the
video. The Spirit filled my head with questions to ask her after it
was over. We found out that she's not religious, but she wants to know
which road she needs to be on right now. We were able to bear
testimony of the peace and direction that the gospel brings. She told
us that she wants us to come back next Saturday to teach her more(: so
Bebe goat
As we were driving this week, we noticed this family chopping down a
tree in their yard. The Spirit made it very clear that we should pull
over and ask if they needed help. We went and picked up sticks and got
to know them a little bit. Their names are Kelly and Matthew and they
have two adorable little boys. They said that they were so grateful
for our service and that we can come back and share a message this
week. It's crazy because something so small to us (picking up
branches) was huge to them. Christ always served others, He loved
them, and he was willing to help them, even if it was a small thing
(like catching fish). I know that when people see that you really
care, and you care enough to act on that love that you have for them,
their hearts soften(:

We had an amazing lesson with two beautiful souls, Lissette and Terry.
The Sisters met them last transfer. They said they weren't interested
in changing their beliefs, but we decided to text them and ask if we
could come over and share the new Easter video with them. They are
honestly angels. They had us over for dinner, and we had an amazing
conversation about the Atonement, the gospel, and Jesus Christ's
influence in each of our lives. There were lots of tears, laughs, and
good food. Most importantly, there was a tangible Spirit in that room,
and it warmed my heart. I'm really bad at memorizing scriptures, but
as we were speaking about the Atonement, a scripture from the Book of
Mormon flew into my head. 2 Nephi 26:24, "He doeth not anything save
it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the world, even that
he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men unto him.
Wherefore he commandeth none that they shall not partake of his
salvation,". I quoted it word for word and it isn't even something
I've been reading to memorize. When I said it, Terry looked at me and
said, "That gave me the chills! It was so powerful,". I know that the
Spirit brought that to my remembrance for a reason(: we invited them
to the temple open house and to our service on Easter Sunday. They
said they are going to try and come!(: they told us that they know
that we were in their lives for a reason. After the lesson, we got
home and I took a few minutes alone to pray about how we can help them
come into the gospel. Then I opened my scriptures to a random page.
Alma 8:10, "Nevertheless, Alma (or Sister Larson and Sister Allen)
labored much in the Spirit, wrestling with God in mighty prayer, that
he would pour out his Spirit upon the people who were in the city (or
upon Lissette and Terry); that he would grant that he might baptize
them unto repentance,". I know that they will be baptized someday(: I
shared this with Sister Larson and it brought tears to both of our
eyes, because these people are so full of light and goodness. We are
praying mightily for them, and we know that the Lord can work miracles
through prayer and faith.
me and my "Nemo" cup from Terry and Lissette (:

 dinner with Lissette and Terry(:

This week, I have learned so much about the importance of following
the promptings of the Spirit. Even if it's just, "Hey, turn left
instead of right," or "You should go back to that house,". These tiny,
little decisions (or what seems like a tiny, little decision) can
change my life and the life of the person that the Spirit is leading
us too. I know that the Lord does speak to us, and that He needs each
and every one of us on His side and following His Spirit. Every time
the Lord gives me prompting, it's for a purpose, and it shows that God
trusts me enough to send me in that direction. When I act on that
prompting, it shows God that I trust Him enough to respond in faith to
what He is asking me to do. The prompting itself can be something that
seems silly, but I always remind myself that "everything that is good
cometh of God,". There are no coincidences. So if there is something
that we feel moved to do, we should JUST DO IT(: no matter how scary
or silly or awkward it may seem, if the Lord is asking us too, there
is something marvelous that will come from it, even if it's not
immediate. Whether it's sharing the gospel with a neighbor or friend,
or helping someone in need, or just posting something uplifting on
social media, God will always have our back when we do what He asks.
We have no reason to doubt or fear, just do it.

Andre the lion dog(:
I love my Savior. I love each of you and I hope that this week, we can
show the Lord that we trust Him through our actions. I hope you all
have an amazing Easter, and that each of us can take some time this
week to really reflect on the real reason why we celebrate it in the
first place(:

Love, Sister Allen