Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 78: "Opportunities"(:

"Baby goat again!"
Good morning everyone!(: I hope that you all had a great Easter Sabbath yesterday. I love Easter because it's a great time to reflect
on the many blessings of the Savior's Atonement and His many other
sacrifices for us, not to mention the freedom He brings to us, freedom
from sin and physical death. He is wonderful. As I was pondering on
that this week, I realized that while Easter is a significant day set
apart to remember all of this, every Sunday should be like Easter,
especially when we partake of the sacrament. How different would our
Sunday worship be if we all treated it like Easter Sunday every
week?(: I know that I'm going to make a more concerted effort to view
the Sabbath Day in that way, and I'm grateful for the Spirit for
helping me realize that it's something I need to do.

 We had an AMAZING week here in Wellington. The Lord is so good to us,
and He blessed us with some more beautiful souls to start teaching.
One of them is Sami. We were searching for the house of a member and
we got lost out in the County Roads of Wellington. We pulled over to
the side of the road to have a prayer, and then I noticed these two
people cleaning out a horse stall. We decided to go see if they needed
help(: they said no, but Sami said that we could come back and teach
her sometime(: we went back and shared the Restoration with her a
couple of days later, and it was powerful. The Spirit has definitely
been preparing her heart. When I shared Joseph Smith's experience, she
stopped me once I finished and we all just sat there for a second.
Then she said, "That gave me the chills. I can just feel that it's
true, it feels right,". The Spirit helped us know that we needed to
let her know that it was God answering her. She had the biggest smile
on her face, and she says she'll be baptized when she comes to know
that the Book of Mormon is true. We had a kneeling prayer and we are
seeing her again this week! I just love her. And I love being able to
share Joseph Smith's experience. It is such a sacred part of his life,
I'm grateful that he has shared it with all of us so that we can
clearly see that God knows each of us by name and He will answer our
prayers, even if it's not in the way that we expect Him too(:

Another awesome part of the story, a wonderful member in our Ward
(Sister Flake), came and picked Sami up without even meeting her
beforehand and gave her a ride to go get parts to fix her car. Sami
was so grateful and loves Sister Flake. It goes to show that an act of
service can leave a lasting impression on people. I'm grateful for
people who exemplify the Christ-like attribute of charity. It's

"cause we're the best of friends"(:
We had a blizzard this week randomly in the midst of 60 degree days,
but it was super fun. We bundled up and went and shoveled our
investigators driveways. Megan and Angie freaked out when they saw us
doing it, they were so grateful. They had us come in afterwards and we
read out of the Book of Mormon together, in Alma Chapter 32. As we
did, we spoke to Megan about faith and the feeling of the Holy Ghost.
Sister Larson asked her, "Have you felt that warm feeling before, and
do you feel like it's growing". Megan proceeded to tell us that she
and her sister, Jenna, read the Book of Mormon and discuss it
together, and that she feels all warm and fuzzy inside when they do.
She said that this has brought her closer to Jenna than she's ever
been because it gives them something positive to relate on. She even
taught Jenna about the Plan of Happiness(: so amazing you guys. When
she finished, Sister Larson and I were both beaming. "Meg, that's the
Holy Ghost, He's letting you know that this is true, and that it's
good, God's giving you an answer," I said. She smiled big and replied,
"Yeah! That's exactly how I've been feeling about all of it,". I love
Meg so much(: and I love my awesome companion and her inspired
questions. We have so much fun teaching together. I couldn't ask for a
better human to spend 24/7 with. Sister Larson is just great(:

From left to right: Meg, Conner, Angie, Jenna, Me, Sister Larson, and Katie (feat.
Raymond taking the picture) (:
We had an awesome lesson with Mary, Tegan, and Katarina. Bishop came
with us and we taught about the Restoration and the importance of the
Sabbath Day. The Spirit in the room was amazing, and Bishop's
testimony was powerful. During my studies that morning, I prayed and
asked God what we needed to share with Mary to help her come to
church. I opened up my scriptures to a random page, and these two
verses were highlighted: Doctrine and Covenants 44: 2 and 5. "And it
shall come to pass that inasmuch as they are faithful, and exercise
faith in me, I will pour out my Spirit upon them in the day that they
assemble themselves together. That your enemies may not have power
over you; that you may be preserved in all things; that you may be
enabled to keep my laws; that every bond will be broken where with the
enemy seeketh to destroy my people,". I shared it with Mary and then
the Spirit did the rest of the talking. She had tears in her eyes and
said, "That gave me chills! Okay I'm talking to my boss, I need those
blessings and I know I need to get to church,". I love Mary and I know
that the Lord will provide a way for her to accomplish the things He
needs her to do. 

 We met the happiest human on the Earth this week. His name is Eric(:
we found his number in our phone, so Sister Larson called and we set
up a time to meet. An awesome return missionary in our Ward, Gretchen,
came with us. He walked up with hugest smile on his face and we went
and sat down and started teaching him. He got emotional multiple times
in the lesson, and talked about how he felt so good inside and how he
wished he could share it with his family (they're back in Florida). As
we spoke about Joseph Smith's experience, his eyes lit up. He has
cousins who are LDS who had told him a little bit about the gospel,
and about the Book of Mormon. We invited him to read and pray and be
baptized, and he said yes to all three with tears in his eyes(: he has
been through so much and he needs and wants the gospel. I felt such a
strong personal connection to this man and his past, it brought tears
to my eyes to see him so humble and willing to accept it because I
remember when I got to that point. He said, "When I came to
Wellington, I felt like there was something more here for me, maybe
this is it,". Sister Larson let him know that it is(:

"the Seyfi's" (:
Okay last thing I promise. Our investigator/wonderful human, Lissette,
came to all 6 hours of the Women's Conference on Saturday!(: we had a
service project, a dinner, and then the broadcast. She loved it!!(: I
know that she felt the Holy Ghost. I can't wait to see what the Lord
leads her and Terry to do in the future.

 Also, we had Easter dinner
with Meg and her family and oh my goodness it was awesome. We had so
much fun and I just love those humans. We shared the Hallelujah video
with them and it was such a neat experience, the Spirit was powerful.
These people are family to me, I feel so blessed. Also, I GOT TO
SEE THE SEYFI'S(: they drove up from Longmont and it was so good to
give them a hug/handshake haha. They are lovely people and have made
my mission and life even brighter(: I love them so much. 

 This week was amazing, and it of course had its struggles too. But
something that was said in Women's Conference really struck me. "Don't
think of your task as a burden, think of it as an opportunity to learn
how to love,". I love that. One of my good friends emailed me last
week and said, "All the things I'm thinking about/experiencing are not
hard by themselves; I can do all of it. However, all of them added
together is challenging!! That's an area of opportunity for me this
coming week,". An area of opportunity. 

Every time we go through
something hard in life, or we have a difficult task to accomplish, or
something heavy to endure, it's an opportunity to be yoked with the
Savior. An opportunity to show that we are "they who have believed in
the Holy One of Israel, they who have endured the crosses of the
world...". We all have unique crosses to endure, but every single time
we do, it's an opportunity to get to know our Redeemer in a more
personal way. 

 I hope that each of us can take the hard things in our lives and view
them as opportunities to grow. I know that as we do, we can learn to
love in the Savior's way. 

I love you all and hope you have a great

 Love, Sister Allen